Dmitry Shepelev will select a country house for the debts

У Дмитрия Шепелева отберут загородный дом за долги The villagers told that the cottage was sealed. According to neighbors, Dmitry Shepelev returned periodically to check on the house, which they began to build together with Zhanna Friske. However, apparently, the TV presenter soon it will lose.
У Дмитрия Шепелева отберут загородный дом за долги

Some time ago it became known that the son of Jeanne Friske Plato must repay part of the debt which is registered for family of deceased singer. “Perovsky court of Moscow ordered to recover from the heirs of a series of the entire remaining amount – 21 633 214 rubles”, – the decision was made earlier.

However, until the child is a minor, his debts will have to deal with his father, Dmitry Shepelev. According to the latest data, the country house of broadcaster in the settlement “Luzhki-2”, which they built together with Zhanna Friske was sealed.

The locals, we managed to talk to reporters, saying that recently the cottage was waiting for the bailiffs. According to them, Mr sometimes come to the house.

“He checks the heating, the house is not conserved. But now it’s probably not allowed. Sealed all… Dima said that they will not be the same for the son he wanted, and now home to strangers will go for debt. The boy is not sleeping in the house even once in their wonderful child”, – told the neighbors.

If the house will not cover the debt, the judicial authorities shall also take an apartment of Zhanna Friske, which is located on Krasnaya Presnya. Her father Vladimir Borisovich said that in a country house she never was, but neighbors say more.

“I saw them in the beginning, when only the house was purchased. The three of them the baby came. It was clear already that she’s sick, face some not so… But they were happy, cheerful. Grilled kebabs, the boy rabbits showed (jobs they were bred). After the death of Jeanne Dima has been here constantly. One or with the boy. The construction site was controlled and was walking around with the baby. He now arrives, but does not build anything”, – said the resident of the village.

According to lawyers who worked with the Friske family, soon there will be an auction, which house is to be sold. “By law, the procedure would look like this: experts estimate the cost, and then arrested by the court the property will be put up for official sale. Who is in for a lot more money will be given, and he will take it. To participate in the auction can be anyone. Sorry… I am sure that Mr B. was not given the money Respond. Just in that situation, when a child dies, even an adult prior to the collection of papers and accounts,” – said Alexander Karabanov told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.