Элина Мазур заявила о романе с Джигарханяном The woman remembered about the extinct feelings. Elina Mazur said that once she met the son of a famous Director Stepan Dzhigarkhanyan. Now, 30 years later, and after unpleasant events in the life of people’s artist, they again began to chat.
Элина Мазур заявила о романе с Джигарханяном

About family conflict Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya became known in mid-October. For help she turned to Elina Mazur. However, after some time women were fighting, and then on all programs accused and told secrets to each other.

To the case family drama was joined by son Armen Borisovich Stepan. For nearly 30 years, he lives in the USA, but for the sake of appearance on the talk show came to Moscow. Elina Mazur admitted that once she was tied up romantic relationship with the heir Dzhigarkhanyan. However, when the question arose about what a girl’s gotta make a choice – to move with him abroad or to stay in Russia, Elina refused to elect. After 30 years, former lovers met. Son Dzhigarkhanyan spoke about the insidious plans Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya

“Today, I am married, Stepan also has a girlfriend, Christine. We just cried on the shoulder of each other! Life is a strange thing. You know, when I was 18, I didn’t know that he was the son of the famous actor! He was just a cool, handsome guy! Risky and daring!” – said Mazur.
Элина Мазур заявила о романе с Джигарханяном

Elina did not begin to hide that now, after a meeting with Stepan in constant communication. Former assistant Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya regularly reports news about the father of his former partner. After Armen Borisovich broke up with his wife who is constantly watching his health, he became increasingly exposed to the hospital. However, Elina says that now care for the Director much better than during the marriage.

“He employed a beautiful nurse – in the words of the master, better than Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya around him the best doctors and nurses, it is surrounded by care and attention. “Caring” Vitalina may not worry about how in her absence feels Armen Borisovich. He forgot it! Nurses, the more dishonest, long remembered – not comme Il faut!” – said Mazur.

Elina is now rejoicing with Stepan. “And as your husband does to you is not engraved? Or shot on the spot? To live, of course, wanted to… But, damn! The devil will sell for a night with you!” – revealed the message of Stepan Elina in conversation with “the Days.ru”.