Памела Андерсон поспорит с Николаем Басковым в новом телешоу American actress and model became a jury member of the “League of amazing people”, along with Russian stars. Viewers will see the first release of an ambitious program in may. The intent of the producers, the judges will discuss exciting fights of the contestants.
Памела Андерсон поспорит с Николаем Басковым в новом телешоу

May 13, on “Russia 1” will start showing the new show “the League of amazing people”. On the official website of the TV channel has information about the project, which became the leading Marina Kravets and Dmitry Guberniev.

The intention of the producers of the most extraordinary people on the planet to challenge their “colleagues” from Russia.

“In the Grand international competition will bring together the best of the best from around the world — well-known artists, athletes, and just ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. The outcome of the struggle unpredictable: in the Studio project they are waiting for the strongest opponents and the talents that abound in our country!” – according to the website of the TV channel.
Памела Андерсон поспорит с Николаем Басковым в новом телешоу

In each issue, viewers will see four spectacular duel in different genres and directions. In the battles will take part as duets, and the whole team. To evaluate the contestants have celebrity judges, which included Russian and foreign celebrities. “At the same time in the Arsenal of the judges — only discussion and a limited amount of time for the adoption of a single solution. The winner of each issue by voting to determine the audience”, – said in the announcement show.

Judges of the ambitious project of steel boxer Nikolai Valuev, the actress Maria Aronova, singer Nikolai Baskov and guests from abroad – a multiple winner of the international fights in the style of mixed martial arts Jeffrey Monson and actress Pamela Anderson. Part of the famous blonde in the TV show – a real gift for her many fans. It is known that the actress and animal advocate did not just come to Moscow. Pamela told reporters that she has Russian roots. At the same time, Anderson is in no hurry to obtain Russian citizenship. According to star, she’s already got two passports – canadian and American.

Apparently, the new show should be good for fans of the program “Amazing people”. In the Studio of the popular program participants who have various extraordinary abilities. The casting was attended by over a thousand people. The winner of the second season of the TV show was a novel Fears and likes spidkubing Assembly of the Rubik’s cube for speed. Previously, the best of the best have become blind musician from Kursk Edward Nekhaev, captivated the audience with the talent to distinguish objects by using sound waves.

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By the way, last Saturday on the TV channel “Russia 1” premiere show “In secret around the world” for travel enthusiasts. In the new project actor mark Bogatyrev looks in different cities and countries to tell them to viewers.