Elina Kamiren told why men can not give gifts

Элина Камирен рассказала, почему мужчинам нельзя дарить подарки The star of “House-2” cautioned the girls against the rash. Elina Kamiren teaches followers that are hunting for oligarchs and the right behavior. This time the woman told about how to surprise the representatives of the stronger sex.

Ex-member of popular telestroke Elina Kamiren for several months successfully maintains a blog YouTube channel. The brunette tells the spectators about how to get attention wealthy men. In each video, she gives advice and shares lifehacks, tested on personal experience. On the eve of the celebrity profile has a new video tutorial designed to teach girls not to give the elected representatives a luxurious gift.

“You cannot do it! In any case! No matter what both of you money. Don’t you have the feeling that you are this man buy? Help? Order it from you left and realized how wonderful you were, and even give gifts! When you do that, young man sees in you only your partner and not the girl. It should make you happy with our purchases, which you will admire,” says the blogger.

The woman put emphasis on the fact that the lady enough time to show attention towards the beloved. According to her, the young man should understand the necessity, and feel out of lady. It turned out that for rich Boyfriends much more important than positive emotions, rather than material value of the gift. Elina gave a few options right gifts for the oligarchs. One of them included small gifts with the rest and a video message from beloved athlete.

“Remember one rule: when you just want to buy something to the man, go and get something for yourself or mom. Spend money on yourself! It is even more appreciated, really. Leave a prerogative, as a gift, strong floor,” – is strongly recommended Kamiren.

The star also spoke about how to request something from the satellite. She is sure that wealthy guys prefer to give than to receive. But according to celebrity, they don’t always know what they want girls. That is why brunette advises subtly hint about desired gifts. And this should be done very carefully.

At the end of the lesson, Elina lamented the fact that modern ladies have forgotten how to properly react to the warning signs. “I want to remind you that any man, when something gives, it primarily seeks to replace emotions. But now, ladies ceased to rejoice in the absolutely normal things. Remember: even if man just opened the door for you, you need some return. Because consumer attitude is destroying everything,” said the star.