Gennady Vetrov has told about the relation of a daughter to his young wife

Геннадий Ветров поведал об отношении дочери к его молодой жене The comedian is glad that the girls became friends. The current wife of Gennady Vetrov seven years older heiress of her husband. The pop star has realized the mistakes he made in the upbringing of their first child and tries not to repeat such in relation to one-year-old Masha.
Геннадий Ветров поведал об отношении дочери к его молодой жене

Famous humorist Gennady Vetrov is enjoying a happy married life with his third wife Oksana. Now the lovers are raising a daughter Mary that was born on the first of June last year. The artist also has the heiress, 23-year-old Ksenia, who was born in marriage of the satirist and his first wife Anastasia Smolina. Despite the fact that the current wife Vetrova, just seven years older than the girls, they got along great. Gennady blames himself for what is practically involved in the education of Xenia, as he had to work to feed his family.

“Eldest daughter much screwed. After all, when she was born, I flew out to work abroad. She has never seen me almost. Dad and I were useless. But now I’m all up for it. Ksenia is a full member of our family. She gets along great with my current wife. As for Masha, now I’m crazy father! Perhaps that is why the first word that Mary said was “dad,” admitted the humorist.

With his wife Anastasia, he broke up in the mid 90-ies. Then he married a bright stand-up and actress Karina Zvereva. They lived together for 14 years – it is sometimes even performed on stage together with Gennady. However, the creative Union collapsed. After a while the Winds met Oksana – she worked as a flight attendant. The artist went to the speech in Murmansk, where he met his future wife.

“And here I was approached by a girl so smiling that I immediately noticed. I then a year since the divorce was. And then she approached me again with a question: “do You need something else?” I said, “Yeah, I get your number”. Oksana was offended. Said don’t mix personal life with work. So the phone and gave. And then the foreman approached me to be photographed. I said, “would gladly turn to your airline if your employees are not to my ass”. In the end, my Oksana just had to make me a piece of paper with her phone,” recalled the artist.

Oksana was unable to resist the persistence of Gennady and soon agreed to become his companion. He is happy that his wife gave him a child.

“It is evident that the daughter is creative. I recently played at Banjica, so she started to dance around in her crib! I have even surprised myself,” admitted the humorist journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.