Elina Kamiren looking for a father for her child

Элина Камирен ищет отца своему ребенку The star of “House-2” admitted that it is important to find a worthy life partner. Elina Kamiren recently teaches girls to make useful contacts and competently approach to the selection of candidates for the hand and heart.

Recently a former member of the home electroni countries Elina Kamiren aroused the public the video, which told about how to please the oligarch with eye-catching photos on Instagram. Apparently, the hype that arose because of the dubious advice celebrity-inspired model in another video.

Elina Kamiren told how to catch a millionaire

Now the woman shares with the viewers own experience about how to find a wealthy suitor in catering establishments. According to brunette, if you follow her advice, any girl will be able to never pay the bill yourself.

“What we begin to do so get in the car. Get in the car. And passing through the largest restaurants. Excellent location – Barvikha. Don’t forget: there are also many excellent restaurants. Passing quickly, but it is better in the centre while it is all to do, because in Barvikha will hardly leave you out already will be back,” said Kamiren.

Great also noted that help to navigate in this case will be a large concentration of expensive cars in one place. Elina told us that it is always a sign of the elite circle. The young mother was advised to build good relations and make friends with the managers of such institutions, hostname and administrators, to be able to find a table even at dense planting.

“In these restaurants, don’t drink tea, girls. This is very strange would look like if you sit and drink tea. Please order a normal sane food. You eat. When there is party, there are all singing, all dancing, it’s fun. Join the party, have some fun, relax. Do not worry about the bill!” – said the star of “House-2”.

She reported that the hunt for the millionaire will be successful, if you visit such places in the district seven or eight in the evening. The perfect reason for going to a prestigious restaurant, according to Kamiran, will be the opening of a new establishment, the arrival of the star, the presentation of the collection or charity dinner. In addition, it turns out that now grooms can look for and where one can rest with kids. The woman admitted that she hadn’t thought about it herself, and now happy to use in this way.

“This is a unique topic. I here quite recently – two years ago – found. Good places with playgrounds. Here they are – Sunday dads! I’ll explain: the Sunday dad a lot. To share this history on the middle class, upper class, top can help us restaurants. Sunday’s daddy’s day with the children there. As a rule, of the popes during the week no time to see my children. This is important to me – I’m a mom. Husband I have, and it is important that he was a good dad, responsible,” said Elina.