Demi Moore was sold for a pittance, the house in which she lived with Bruce Willis

Деми Мур продала за гроши дом, в котором жила с Брюсом Уиллисом Hollywood diva long wanted to get rid of the home where he once lived with ex-husband Bruce Uillisom. The star admitted that not apply to this transaction as a bargain sale of real estate. She just wants to forget the past and everything that tied her with the once loved one. Wanting to buy a mansion was a little.
Деми Мур продала за гроши дом, в котором жила с Брюсом Уиллисом

Luxurious penthouse in Sanremo in new York demi Moore was put up for sale more than two years ago. However, the mansion in no hurry to buy. The actress was perplexed. After all, a cozy house in the elite district of the metropolis was very inexpensive by Hollywood standards. Original star he asks for $ 75 million.

After some time, realtors Moore was advised to reduce the price. And the client listened to the words of the experts. It did not help. Reduced by $ 16 million price did not attract buyers. Recently demi again reduced the cost, evaluating the penthouse of 45 million. Celebrity even admitted in an interview that it is important to get rid of the past. She does not want to get rich from the transaction or to invest in another profitable enterprise. Everything a woman wants, to forget the period of life, linking her with Bruce Willis.

Features of the home are daunting: it offers gorgeous views of Central Park, has six bedrooms, five baths. Each room is tastefully designed and has a very expensive finish. Moreover, in this area very prosperous neighbors. In San Remo lived Steven Spielberg, Glenn close, tiger woods, Diane Keaton and Dustin Hoffman.

Penthouse a Hollywood star realtors called Bastion of architectural history. It has a library, which with the original bas-reliefs on the ceiling, there is a private Elevator, a guest loft, entertainment room. Great view from the balcony on the Central Park was a special item. Experts in real estate have stressed that this mansion can do a hotel with rooms for $ 2,000 a day. Finally, on the eve of Hollywood diva to share the joy. The mansion was bought by unknown for $ 45 million.

House actress Demi Moore and her ex-husband and colleague on the shop floor Bruce Willis bought in 1990. 10 years after this couple broke up. In marriage, the artists were born three daughters Rumer Glenn Willis, Scout Larue Willis and Tallow Belle Willis. After a divorce, the star has married twice for the young actor Ashton Kutcher. Star no wimps marital Willis property. However, a few years ago she admitted that it is important, in parting with the past, to get rid of old things, the publication reported Architecturaldigest.