Элина Камирен оголилась перед камерой Ex-participant reality show “House-2” shared a racy picture on his page in the social network. Elina Kamiren demonstrated in his perfect figure. Subscribers stars noted that she looks great for parous women.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Elina Kamiren never ceases to amaze fans with his candid shots. Striking blonde is working as a model, so her blog is updated frequently with bright and sexy photos from the shoot. On the eve Cameran shared a spicy frame in lingerie.

      The star of “House-2” poses in a set of black retro-style skyscrapers in the background. The top barely covers her ample Breasts, Elina. Presumably, the shooting took place in Moscow city area. “Super-mom”, – signed photo of ex-member of telestroke. Followers Cameran was delighted with such a hot frame, and stressed that the woman looks great.

      “Just super! Feet!”, “Beautiful body, especially when you consider that she is giving birth mother”, “Shape – fire”, “Look gorgeous, your eyes,” said members of the slender blonde.

      Photos published ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ELINA_KAMIREN_ (@elina_kamiren_) Aug 11 2016 12:37 PDT

      On the eve Kamiren revealed to fans the secret of such a slender figure and spoke about his training and dietary guidelines. “Candy bars, sweet drinks, chips are a no, girls, not at all. Sometimes I eat cheesecake, pancakes, scone, chocolate (black and milk), otherwise I’ll be unhappy. And say “Yes” to vegetables (steamed, grilled), meat (pork, I do not recommend), perfect lamb, poultry, light soups. Water, tea green, sometimes black. Cereals: porridge in the morning, can any. It is possible with jam, berries or condensed milk (in the morning!). Rice, buckwheat. Importantly, not thinness, but a healthy body and a sense of ease,” wrote Elina, placing her photo in a bathing suit.

      Eks-the participant “Houses-2” of a daughter Sasha. Elina’s relationship with the father of the child Alexander by Zagajnovym ended with the break, however, former beloved tried to disperse peacefully.

      “My ex-boyfriend Sasha with Feb not together. Communicate often with the daughter he rarely sees. I stopped sending him pictures of the baby, although I did it regularly – I thought it was important to him. However, we maintain good relations because of my daughter. I myself grew up without a father, and I’m scared thinking that the baby will repeat my destiny. So tolerate the particular nature of Sasha, and he mine, frankly told Kamiren in his book.

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