Александр Пушной вновь стал отцом 41-year-old TV presenter and musician was born the third son. About this happy event Alexander Fur said on his page in the social network. Fans congratulate the Pope with a large addition to the family.

      Александр Пушной вновь стал отцом

      41-year-old musician and presenter Alexander Pushnoy became a father again. Spouse Tatiana gave birth to his third son. The boy was named Andrew. This good news of the extravagant showman said on his page in the social network.

      A son is born. Another one. Time to remember the children’s song…” – wrote Alexander. To his post, he attached a funny video which takes the famous song in rock version. The video immediately gained popularity among Youtube users. However, some have suggested that it is unlikely that the successor will be able to sleep with these songs. Fur in the video sings, “I was lying in the sun”, which is familiar to all viewers of the cartoon lion and turtle.

      Admirers of Fur and his friends congratulate the host and his wife with the addition to the family. “Dear”, “my best wishes to mom Tanya and the baby!”, “Let it grow healthy and happy to the delight of parents”, “that’s cool news,” commented the followers of Alexander. Some users of the social network, joked that Fur it is time to think about having a daughter because “enough for the draft Board to please”.

      Recall that the musician grow two sons, 12-year-old Dmitry and 7-year-old Michael. Alexander Pushnoy and his wife Tatiana married for 18 years. They met in Novosibirsk, when I studied and lived there. The wife supports her husband in all his endeavors and engaged in the education of their sons.

      Alexander Pushnoy – the former participant of KVN of NSU and Siberian Siberians”, now a successful presenter of several television programmes and multi-instrumentalist who released three CDs. The last album was released under the title “#nedostatok in 2015. According to Alexander, he is not going to concentrate on one thing: he likes to combine the work on TV and record new songs in the Studio. Showman acknowledged that monitors the progress of the natives of Novosibirsk in both leagues of KVN.

      “Drink I see. Repeatedly convinced that Alexander Vasilyevich Maslyakov rights. He always said that he loves the team in the WHC, which will play tomorrow. This game will live as long as relevant. I think today, the WHC still got it,” said the Fur in an interview.

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