Elena’s husband Ksenofontova the first time about the scandal: “I spent three months not seen her daughter”

Муж Елены Ксенофонтовой впервые о скандале: «Я три месяца не видел дочь» Spouse star of the television show “Hotel Eleon” frankly told about the conflict with the actress. The man shared his version of what happened and hopes for the future. According to the ex-chosen one Elena Ksenofontova, their child hopes that they will be able to reconcile.

      Муж Елены Ксенофонтовой впервые о скандале: «Я три месяца не видел дочь»

      At the end of December “StarHit” it became known that the 44-year-old Elena Ksenofontova broke up with her husband, attorney Alexander Red. The couple lived in a civil marriage for over five years, has a daughter Sophia. Last week, the actress decided to share it on social media shocking details of his personal life.

      Elena Ksenofontova broke down in tears live because of beating her husband

      “I was silent. Protect family, children, was ashamed and scared… Exactly a year ago on false charges of former civil husband and the father of my daughter in the magistrate court of the Presnya district was prosecuted. Exactly a year tried to prove that it is not my fault that I did not, and he attacked me and I just defended myself. It had everything: plenty of witnesses, my fixed a beating in fracture clinic, medical examination, the report of the precinct. But in vain. On December 26 the magistrate judge issued a guilty verdict, ignoring all of the above-said. I was found guilty to intentionally causing abrasions and sentenced to a fine… for more than six months a civil court to determine the place of residence of our daughter, the order of communication. To take a child, he tries to look at me the dirt, to expose the monster.”

      The husband of actress Alexander said “StarHit”, whom Elena had sold donated them to the apartment, as their attempts to reconcile her daughter and why he three months did not communicate with the child.

      “Our relations including due to temper Helena – shared of Red. – Sometimes word for word, we were fighting… But if in a normal family that settled it, we don’t have. Elena impulsively often started to beat me. When her older son, Timothy, our little Sonya. I was persuaded to at least go in the other room, to talk. Long suffered, until at some point has not received a concussion and was not in the Institute Sklifosovsky”.

      However, from hospitalization, Alexander refused, he stayed at home on their own. With his wife they became strangers, just shared living space. One day, returning from work, Red found that the locks on the front door of the apartment are new. From the neighbors learned that the day before it was Packed up, took my daughter and left in an unknown direction. The phone calls she didn’t answer.

      “I know that Elena sold the apartment to lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky that provided her with lawyers from the office – continues Alexander. – Sonia then “escape” not seen in almost three months. Two weeks came daily to the kindergarten, music school, hoping to catch her there, but the teachers said that she stopped attending classes. Eventually Elena gave me to meet my daughter. After that, she asked the court to determine the residence of Sophia and “rules” of her communication with the father. I filed a counter claim! In any case, it is not going to prevent mother to raise a daughter, just do not want to suffer from the unpredictable behavior of his wife.

      Now I meet regularly with Sonia – come to the school, we communicate in fits and starts, sometimes walking. When I came into the New year to give a gift, Elena wouldn’t let me on the threshold, was forced to congratulate the child at the entrance. January 5, the first time I was allowed to take Sophia for five hours – so I took her to my grandmother, my mother. Despite the fact that Elena is manipulating the child against the father, the daughter misses me, I can feel it and see it. And even trying to reconcile the careless mom and dad. Sonia does not lose hope that we’ll be together again”.