Ксения Новикова сбежала с супругом на райский остров The woman decided to take a break from work and left with the choice in Thailand. She actively shares with subscribers to bright images from vacation, tells about the most interesting events that occur in a hot country. Novikova does not hide that is glad to be away from home, to put in order thoughts and to recuperate after a busy working year.

      Singer Ksenia Novikova and her husband, businessman Aleksey Sorokin is having fun in Southeast Asia. Like many couples, they chose the vacation spot of Thailand. Obviously, they are content to remain in this country. The singer is constantly updating his webpage, filling it with new photos. In the comments under them, the woman shares her impressions and emotions. Novikov admitted that she did not want to be burdened with some cares. Therefore, it dedicates itself to sunbathing, swimming in the sea and reading your favorite books.

      Ksenia Novikova married again

      Spouse star never misses a moment to capture a wife. Sometimes beloved record funny videos which are then shared with followers. Ksenia said that the truly happy, because next to it there is a beloved man. He always tries to support her and never excommunicated. The couple have several times been out to the local zoo to feed the giraffes and elephants. They also managed to take a boat trip on the yacht to nearby Islands.

      Despite all the joy, she admitted to followers that suffers from seasickness. It sometimes prevents her to fully enjoy your holiday. “For me personally, then everything is fine, then suddenly for no reason, like coasting. Still don’t understand why. In strong pitching in calm,” wrote a woman in the microblog. Members supported their favorite artist and have recommended her to ease up on food before departure and try to spend less time under the sun to earn a sunstroke.

      10 days that Novikov is resting with her husband, she has several times managed to overcome their own fears. By the way, to hike in the national Park, the celebrity was very afraid of contact with animals. However, when she was able to feed a banana, the giraffe, the fear disappeared and it was replaced by a good mood. “Did you know that giraffes have a tongue 45 centimeters? That’s why I feared how he knew, but cirafici was very kind and helped me to overcome the fear”, – said fans of the star.

      The singer tries to feel the most relaxed. She almost completely abandoned makeup for the holidays. Subscribers had to pay attention to it, because the woman regularly puts pictures with beautiful sandy beaches. Followers pleased that their idol Frank with them and not hide experienced emotion. She recently shared a photo on which poses with inflatable pads worn on the forearm. Someone thought that a woman is not a very good swimmer, but she quickly found an excuse.

      “The moment when become children again! It’s not that you don’t know how to swim. I very well can and a long paddle. And it’s just so cool – carefree swing on the waves and nothing to worry about” – said Novikov in the Network.

      In addition to unforgettable walks and trips to the zoos, Xenia and Alexey arrange romantic dinners, long walk around the neighborhood and obviously enjoying every passing day. Recall that the couple got married in October 2015. From the moment the deputies did not hide his own happiness.