Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок» Ex-participant reality show “House-2” and her husband talked about how to divide the family budget. Today Elena Bushina and Mitya Zheleznyak mark the anniversary of living together. On the eve of “StarHit” talked with the couple about what had changed in their relationship over the seven years of marriage.

      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»

      Today, February 12, the former star of “House-2” Elena Bushina celebrates seven years of marriage with her husband Mitya Zheleznyak. In an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the pair talked about the quarrels and reconciliations, raising children, and how to divide the family budget. Lena claims that often tries to surprise her husband and Mitya pleasing favorite darling gifts.

      Mitya, you recently released his own song “Imagining” that for many became surprise. Why did you decide to sing?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Not such a surprise – I’ve been singing, but to reach a new level I decided just now. Thank you to the family and friends that supported me. Stadiums, of course, want to collect, will soon release a new song, the clip, and then the album is now hard at work.—
      You have dubbed the new Stas Mikhailov. How to relate to this comparison?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I like it. It’s nice that people compare me with the man who has created a really ambitious project.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»But we’d like to see the film compared with Stas Mikhailov, and perceived as a separate full-fledged musician. Now there is a new generation of young artists who want to Mitya took in this niche its place. By the way, the girls immediately noticed that he was different from other artists. My husband has a certain charm and a trick: his voice sinks into the heart.

      And you a girls husband is not jealous?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Happen! Treat this really is somewhat zealous, but in that moment, when I supported him in the work, understand what is coming. I am aware that he is an Amateur artist and, of course, attention from women is inevitable. Today is our anniversary – 7 years. And if in the beginning I had many doubts, but now I trust my husband one hundred percent.—
      But still jealous. That might be the reason: lipstick on your shirt smell of women?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes, it is and there is not necessary to give, can anything be jealous without even justified! But we accept each other.—
      Music you have now in the first place or parallel to earn something else?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»On the ground, but the work has not been canceled. Now preparing the album, all lyrics are written by himself, with arrangements helps a friend.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes, he is engaged in the construction business, but now is fully dedicated to creativity. It takes a lot of energy and pretty creative forces. I believe that a man must first of all to achieve, and then work for the soul. So doubly proud of Mitya.—
      Mitya, writing the whole album you had to inspire something special. Where did you get so much inspiration?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I am inspired by his wife, parents and children. It is to them I dedicate my next album.

      Quarrel often?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Rarely, but sometimes, as we all do. The occasion may be quite different. Often Lena shows her femininity and wisdom, and the first goes to be reconciled. Well, I can also come up if he was wrong, but not usually right. I’m Aries, so I can be a lot – stubborn.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes! Husbands – rams very hard! Constantly having to be more flexible, pliable. A man needs to be a woman, to be able to smooth the corners. But everything comes with experience. In the beginning of the relationship we could have split every little thing in everyday life.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Wife’s cancers are also very, very hard!—
      When fought last time?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes, that’s yesterday, for instance, Mitya did not want to overtake in the morning my car. All the time because of this bet in the morning. If it is very cold, it is, of course, he goes, and to agree can be difficult.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»In a dispute born truth.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Mitya can be very long away, and I usually emotions can tell a lot of things, but I calm down quickly. And he swears rarely, usually only two or three hard words on his part that they are permanently entrenched in my head.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»We have this: “Sorry, not anymore”. Just ask casually, make conversation and all.—
      “The House-2” explanation of the relationship Lena had many. The children were told that the mother was involved in this show?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes, children know. Mark sometimes asks something. We rarely watch TV, and the younger only children’s programs.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I don’t condemn neither the participants nor the project itself is also some work. But I don’t want to associate with the “House-2”.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»This is a good project! Wonderful! I even called him to the perimeter, when we started to talk, but he immediately said, “I will not Participate!” Now I don’t watch the show, but we communicate with Ksenia Borodina – godmother to Mark, Natasha Varvina and a few people who are doing the project.—
      Are not you afraid that children will grow up and they won’t like how mother behaved?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I was on the project for three years and never one day lived there, I’m not ashamed! I was there correctly. Just as in ordinary life. Such as it is – open and honest.—
      I heard you just had it done at Mark. What was the result?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»He is now six and this year he’ll be going to school. I wanted to make him their spacious place. Along with the designer have tried to realize all that he invented himself in the head: superheroes, glowing ceiling, resembling a flying saucer. There were only little things and some furniture.—
      And Laura’s room?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»She is only 2.5 years, so until she decided what she likes. While all are decorated in a classic style, but soon, perhaps, and she will do the repairs – will think of something more girly. Of course, now she likes all that love the Brand, but also “Masha and the bear”, “Peppa Pig”, “Hello kitty” and all the rest.—
      But I remember that a few years ago, such opportunities you had. How is it to achieve and not give up?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»You just need to be real, to listen to each other. Don’t flaunt your personal life. It’s simple. Should be a good, obedient wife.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Such as I?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Well this is also nice.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Mitya! In General, the important thing is to keep faith in each other, to give hope, support always and everywhere. We did not give and did not give, nobody said how to do it. We did not expect, did everything themselves. I was 22, mit 21. I wanted a lot of money, sometimes not enough, it was hard, but Mitya always said, “You have to believe in me. This will give me the strength”. And I believed. Aries stubborn sign, so he always tried, tried, tried and once succeeded. All brick by brick. There were very difficult times, and there were UPS and downs.—
      Very wise. However, your popularity still had to help you, isn’t it?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I also somehow spun as now, but the man does not tolerate competition with a woman. Beside him the girl should be weak and at the same time it support. Yes, I have learned and will learn, often asking to be photographed. But in that moment it did not help and the main thing was not to give up. Correctly say: shut the door, go out the window.

      And now you have a joint budget or at everyone?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Sometimes you have to hide from her money in a sock. Kidding. We have no such separation. The money is available to both of us, so everyone can take them if he wants. Of course, if Lena wants to buy something expensive, first we’ll discuss it together.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»If, for example, a dress from Gucci, you need to agree, and if you need some household items, I just buy. Sometimes she was doing her husband a gift – I always want to please him. Only here to please him is very difficult. I remember my mother in her youth once gave dad a shaving gel, so it took a few more days happy! Mitya, in this respect more difficult. Gave Apple computer recently bought shoes Zanotti… However, he said that such wear will not. But he is also very generous. All the expensive gifts – to his credit.—
      Divide household duties between themselves?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»This help me a babysitter and a cleaning lady who live with us in the house, but when necessary, I can, too. But the kitchen Mitya, our head – he’s incredibly good at cooking. I can too, but not very much and not doing it as well as he. Just got out from the table, Mitya was prepared burgers with a side of steak. But then I have two hours washing the kitchen. After the man prepares the woman has a very long time to clean up.—
      How do you relax?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Had often had dinner in the restaurant, now rarely work, and the music is now very important to me.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Will not believe, but now we rarely go somewhere – time for anything missing. Even parents seldom see each other. And when together with friends, loved to sing karaoke.

      Tell us about the children: what they do, what character?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»They are very different. Mark exactly dad’s son. Mitya not with him Lisp, seriously talking, lays the correct men’s notions. In this respect, he is so ahead of peers, sometimes even our friends ask him: “Where in six years you have such notions and upbringing?” Better MiCHi no it will not make a real man, I trust him with this question. Of course, I myself did something correct maternal love.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Laura in this respect is different. She’s a Gemini, and it is not so simple. It can be good, and then all of a sudden start to fight with mark, throwing things, messing.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»After the birth of the Brand I thought that I would give birth again and again. After Laura that feeling anymore. It is very difficult to negotiate. They are both very creative. Mark is very musical, is dancing, is English, swimming, theatre school, is preparing for the first class. In the garden, by the way, he did not go.—
      There is a system of rewards and punishment?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»As soon as dad gets home from work, mark is already at the door: “What’d you get?” Since childhood spoiled him with all sorts of soldiers, kinder. Like a trifle, but still he was pleased. Now sister taught.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»I’m emotional, I can shout, if you do not listen, mark, we fight a lot. For him the authority of the Pope.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Usually one glance is enough, to stop doing what is not necessary. Mark always looks at my reaction, and, if he sees that I am unhappy, then stops.
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes… And if the Pope was offended, then mark how the silk will be. A minute later comes up to him: “Dad, are you hurt?” And I do manipulate, I guess. Say, “Well, you do not mind mom?” Sometimes: “No sweets” or “IPad will not get”. But to beat children, we will not ever! We have never in my life even gently slapped them and not going!—
      And the day they have?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Right about now, we need to bathe and put to bed Laura, so that Mitya is going to draw water, and I’ll tell you. She eats porridge, soups, vegetables, sleeping during the day. No sausages, soda, and so on we don’t eat. Sweet is also trying to limit.—
      And yourself? As, incidentally, turns out to stay in such gorgeous shape?
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»Yes, and yourself. I’ve never been fat. After a project saw me and said, “Oh, Lena, how you’ve lost weight!” And it’s just the camera adds pounds, and I’m the same. With the growth of 170 centimeters and I weigh 53 kilograms. I’m pretty skinny. Plus limiting yourself harmful foods, try to eat healthy, even do not eat bread, do light sports, though not very much. In my old – aged woman only prettier.—
      Many write about what you have just done…
      Муж Елены Бушиной: «Прячу от нее деньги в носок»You know, living in the modern world, I’m not stuck on old ideas. If you have the opportunity and the desire to make plastic, then I’m all for her to do. But she is so afraid of the operations themselves did nothing, except light interference type injections of hyaluronic acid, mesotherapy and so on. Everyone is talking about rhinoplasty, I know. When I lived under the cameras that are shot from above, the facial features seem much bigger than it is. My nose is my. Nothing I did not do with it.—
      I noticed that the hair you paint very often. Psychologists say that this is due to the complexes and finding yourself, what do you think?
      This is a common desire for change. I want to change for myself and for my husband. The bangs cut, the roots will dye, then do a different color choose. While Mitya walked away, I will say that many women make a big mistake: getting married and no longer a trace cease to amaze her man. But they always want something new, interesting. So I again found myself in a fashionable cool blonde. Me and Mitya love.