Ирина Безрукова научилась жить без мужа
The actress invites strangers to his home.

Irina Bezrukova

Photo: @irina_bezrukova_official Instagram Irina Bezrukovoj

Irina Bezrukovoj, lived 15 years in marriage with my husband — Sergei, after a divorce was extremely difficult to adjust to living alone. In the first place is related to domestic issues, which after parting lay on the fragile shoulders of the actress. However, Irina still managed to adjust to life without men in the house. The doctor said that now uses the services “husband for an hour”.

“There are agencies where you can see the stars out of the master. To me recently a man came with the Uzbek name, but from an educated family and with higher education. It I changed the handle in the door. Did it quickly and neatly…” — Irina told in interview to the program “You wouldn’t believe!”

By the way, Bezrukov admitted: masters often recognized. The result is an awkward situation. Once master even scared Irina his reaction. “He suddenly froze, and then he blushed. Then I saw that something was wrong… I said, “Can I help you? Can tools do you need? At home I have…” And he said, “It’s you…”

Meanwhile, to have a meaningful relationship Irina, apparently, is not in a hurry. She admits that she has fans, but with any of them it is not yet ready to live together. After the divorce, the doctor devoted himself entirely to itself. She is excited to work in the theater, in films and travels a lot.