Elena Zakharova is preparing for her wedding in late pregnancy

Елена Захарова готовится к свадьбе на поздних сроках беременности
The actress revealed details of his personal life.

Elena Zakharova

Photo: @Instagram lenazaharova57 Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova not so long ago ceased to hide from the public pregnancy. News about the “interesting situation” actress have started to spread even this summer, when the star was in the early stages. But to a certain point, the actress chose to hide her rounded belly from the prying public. And Zakharov has finally confirmed that it is preparing for the birth of the baby and in addition admitted that will soon become a married lady.

“In the near future I definitely see myself as a mother and wife. Love to cook, I’m a family man. Another question that can’t always have it when we wanted. I believe that you can be insanely successful actor, but if you come to an empty house where nobody meets, is a tragedy. I do not want to. I’m determined to family life. I think that the profession I have and I really love her, work me, fills, saves. But love and family has not been canceled,” said Elena in a conversation with Tatyana Ustinova in the “My hero.” Judging by the size of the rounded belly of Elena, she will become a mother very soon. Probably, the lush wedding celebration Zakharova will take place after the baby is born.

It is curious that the fans don’t even guess about who is the future father of the child Elena. The actress, after the tragedy with eight-month-old daughter and the subsequent breakup in 2011 with Sergey Mamontov, ceased to advertise details of their personal lives.