Elena Zakharova eats cakes after birth

Елена Захарова объедается пирожными после родов Last year, star of TV series “ermolovy” and “cadets” became a mother. Fans of Elena Zakharova believe that it quickly came into shape after childbirth. In a recent interview the actress admitted that can not afford to refuse the sweet.
Елена Захарова объедается пирожными после родов

The movie and theatre actress Elena Zakharova, who recently became a mother, began to go out. Many have noticed that the star is in fine form. So, at the award ceremony “Golden eagle” Elena appeared in a spectacular lace dress that accentuates her figure. In a recent interview the actress spoke about how her life changed after the birth of a child, and shared beauty secrets.

Elena says that it is not yet launched to the sport and prefers to spend all free time with girl. The actress admitted that can not afford to have for the night. Despite this diet, the star is not recovered, but, on the contrary, even dropped a few pounds. As it turned out, Zakharov tries to stick to a certain diet, but can not give up sweets.

“You know, I lost a lot of weight. And this despite the fact that (I’m ashamed to admit) every day, eat cake, – shared the artist. – I also like to eat sweet, but limit themselves, and now… breast-feeding there is little. I choose diet foods, low vegetables and fruits, but eat sweets, breads. To lose weight I did it, probably due to milk production, while feeding, on the contrary, the mend”.

Caring for baby Helena helps mother. The actress has not yet retained the services of a nanny, though worries a lot – to feed the daughter has every half to two hours, depending on how she sleeps.

“She’s very small, it requires a lot of attention, and thank God for how I look. Could be completely different — and from fatigue, and the number of cakes eaten. It’s all natural — there are no “beauty shots” I do,” – said the actress.

To talk about how she named the baby, Zakharova has no plans. The actress seeks to protect him from the negative influence of ill-wishers. “While the daughter is not baptized, her name kept secret,” shared the star. Elena tries to get acquainted with the experience of other parents, and many of them are also not in a hurry to introduce kids to the public.

During the conversation with journalists Zakharova also admitted that he is not averse to become a mother again, if possible. According to the actress, women are not worth to be afraid of his age. “Just think how much you can give to your baby! Even the children are born different — more intelligent,” said Elena Woman.ru. A friends star believes that her daughter have an “informed opinion”.

Recall that the joyful event in the life of Zakharova occurred in December of last year. The actress gave birth to a daughter. Throughout pregnancy Elena continued to work and act. About who is the father of the child, the artist prefers not to talk.