Abdulov’s widow responded to the rumors about his illegitimate children

Вдова Абдулова отреагировала на слухи о его внебрачных детях The famous actor, who passed away ten years ago, was suspected of kinship with the daughter of journalist Larisa Steinman. Recently a woman who was in a relationship with Alexander Abdulov before his marriage to Julia Mesinai, tested on a lie detector.
Вдова Абдулова отреагировала на слухи о его внебрачных детях

Journalist Larisa Steinman believes that Alexander Abdulov may be the father of her 12-year-old Marousi. Recently ex-girlfriend movie stars passed the test on the lie detector in the program “In fact” to prove his innocence. However, the polygraph showed that Steinman lied, speaking about the parent of its successor.

The former mistress of Alexander Abdulov has told about his illegitimate daughter

If you believe the results of the DNA test conducted by the TV show, the person whose biological material was found on the sweater that was kept from the journalist, not the father of Mary. According to Larisa, the thing belonged to Abdulov. Experts with Dmitry Shepelev accused ex-lover stars in a lie. After the resonance of the ether reporters contacted the widow of Alexander Abdulov Julia to comment on the rumors of his illegitimate children.

“I did not watch this program. How do I react to these conversations? Nohow. Why I should react to it. All women of someone giving birth,” she said.
Вдова Абдулова отреагировала на слухи о его внебрачных детях

Roman Larisa Steinman had Abdulov before he married Julia. The age difference was not a hindrance to their whirlwind romance, which lasted about two years. Before you meet the actor, Steinman lived in Paris and almost married a Professor of medicine. But then got bored and returned to Russia. In an interview Larisa told that I was experiencing real feelings for the actor. The woman saw Abdulov furtively in the intervals between filming and touring schedule. Steinman claimed that he was ready to do anything for a famous actor.

According to Larisa, in the life of the famous actor different from his screen image. Abdulov was indifferent to the expensive clothes and waited a long time to go to the same things, and were distinguished by simplicity in everyday life. But the actor did not spare money for friends could easily gather friends after the show and enjoy it. Alexander literally charmed others with his energy, said Larissa.

Вдова Абдулова отреагировала на слухи о его внебрачных детях

At some point Abdulov changed the lock on the door of his apartment and went to Africa. Steinman chose to go to France at the invitation of the newspaper “Le Parisien”. There at Larissa daughter Marie-Isabelle, whom she calls Mary. One time a woman refused to talk about who is the parent of her daughter. The journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” noted that before Steinman called the father of the child of a certain Frenchman.

Only years later after breaking up with Abdulov Larissa decided to make a statement about his possible relationship with Mary. “I was not told about this 12 years because they are bad stories about the children of Lieutenant Schmidt. But I’ve discovered the secret of his daughter’s just recently, just before this broadcast. Marusya took it in their stride,” said Steinman in the program “really”.