Елена Яковлева рассказала, кто помог ей избежать развода The actress came to the Studio of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi. Elena remembered that several times I wanted to break up with her husband, Valery Crazy, but their relationship is saved Spaniel, which had spouses with care.
Елена Яковлева рассказала, кто помог ей избежать развода

Elena Yakovleva has won national love after the movie “Interdevochka” “the Last hero”, “the Anchor, still the anchor!” and other famous paintings with her participation. She rarely talks about her personal life. However, in the Studio of “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Koschevnikovi movie star for the first time revealed family secrets. Celebrity has told how she manages to keep love and harmony in Barka. Elena is married to actor Valeri Crazy for almost 30 years.

The first time Yakovlev was combined in matrimony to a fellow student at the theatre school Sergey Yulin. As recognized actress, student marriage was short-lived.

“Sergei Just got married, my friends EN masse. And I somehow at the same time, but then we both thought, you don’t have to live together. Everything has came to an end, he went to Chita to mom and dad. Many years later I was on tour there, and he was chief Director of the theater where I performed. He came with his wife to me in the dressing room, she was in position. We had a nice visit”, – said Yakovlev.
Елена Яковлева рассказала, кто помог ей избежать развода

After a time, the actress met second husband, people’s artist Valery Crazy. For a long time the lovers were just friends, Elena noted that he first felt sympathy to her future husband during the tour.

“Yes, walked, walked, talked, looked for common interests. We didn’t even kiss, and when they came on these tours began to look at each other,” said the actress.

Yakovlev told that the first years of family life with Crazy was very heavy. Young actors rented a room in a hostel for a long time, then moved to a small apartment, located in a house opposite the prison “Matrosskaya Tishina”. But Helen recalls with a smile this time.

“It was difficult years. Nothing was shot, and I only have Denis was born. But I was offered the role, it was the movie “St. Petersburg mysteries” – said the movie star.

The actors were able to establish a way of life. Helen’s career took off, the actress started acting in the national series, after which she began to learn. However, Yakovlev admitted that a long time lived in a civil marriage with Valery. Beloved did not have time to walk to the registry office, but in the end found the time to register relations. “I had to sign to on the road, when he traveled, in a room settled. Rehearsals went here and signed for five, then came back to rehearsal,” he said.

The actress added that several times I wanted to divorce her husband-actor.

“Oh, thought it was with every fight. Because the nerves, it seems that you endure not anymore. Outputs some emotional, two artists… it is Necessary to check all my Luggage which you have. It’s all emotion,” – said Yakovlev.
Елена Яковлева рассказала, кто помог ей избежать развода

The actress added that after a serious quarrel with her husband in their family got a dog. Spaniel was ill, and Elena and Valery began to care for an animal. Such a disaster has United husband and wife. Since then, they’ve got other dogs, because the artist loves Pets. Elena Yakovleva told about the new addition to the family

The Network often discuss the sole heir of Helen Denis Crazy. Users often write unflattering comments about the appearance of the young man. The actress has defended his son in the program.

“He is engaged in bodybuilding. Already participated in a competition. I, of course, categorically against his tattoos. But it so happened, that my only child, I love him very much, he plays sports. Apparently, some was the fault of the tattoo. He was all some silly youthful resentment. It seemed to him that life isn’t fair. For example, at New year he ordered my husband a gift, but the “Mail of Russia” have detained the parcel. He went and got a tattoo that “Russian post”. I understand that it hurts, but he is. He’s acting a bit punishing, maybe because he’s a Scorpion horoscope” – shared the actress.

Actress said, what is the secret to a happy marriage. “Understanding… a lot of us already connect and many need to answer together,” shared Elena.