Учителя дочери Даны Борисовой игнорируют ее просьбы The presenter believes that the ex-husband Maxim Aksenov builds her barriers in communicating with the child. Dana Borisova does not know phone of Pauline, and had no information about her school performance. According to the lawyer of the star, teachers ignore it.

Some time ago, the TV presenter Dana Borisova, undergoing rehabilitation in Thailand, returned to Moscow. The blonde begins a new period in my life. It is no secret that the stars strained relations with the former civil husband of Maxim Aksenov. As Dana says, he sets against her daughter Pauline. According to Borisova, Feldman does not give her the phone number of the child and specifically builds barriers in communication.

After Dana took part in shooting the program of Andrey Malakhov, at some time, she managed to establish contact with the child, and then ex-husband again took Pauline. In plans of the star and her lawyer is to involve the guardianship. They will conduct a survey of conditions in which lives a girl. As it became known “StarHit”, this problem is not limited to Borisova. School staff goes to Pauline, are against its star mother.

“This conflicts with the teachers who create obstacles, and did not provide information about the child. Once it was Given staged daughter to school, and now it’s ignored. If Dana asks how much it is possible to collect Pauline after class, she don’t talk about it – said “StarHit” the lawyer of the TV presenter Lika, Chichiashvili. – We plan to deal with the situation. We all have challenges, but that does not mean that the mother has no right to know how daughter. Besides, is not Given legal capacity is restricted, therefore, to discharge his parental responsibilities and to participate in the upbringing of the child. This is established at the legislative level.”

Difficulty in communicating with her daughter negatively affect leading. According to the lawyer Borisova, she was worried for her and worried that he could not obtain information about her progress. “Maybe she wants to help the child do homework? And the teachers do not respond. This is wrong,” complains a representative of the star.

Recall that the January 16 regular meeting, which was considered the communication Dana Borisova with her daughter. Star requested that she was allowed visitation two days per week – weekend overnight. However, the Maxim Aksenov’s not in a hurry to meet his former civil wife. “Dorogomilovsky court will continue to consider my demands. I’m not deprived of parental rights” – shared was Given with “StarHit”.

In addition to the litigation with her ex-husband from Borisova has another headache. The presenter fell out with the singer Alena Kravets. It is known that soon the conflict between the blondes will dedicate the release of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. The shoot took place this week. According to This, the programme was “very cruel”. Lawyer Alena Kravets: “We will apply for Dana Borisov to court”