Тимур Еремеев о новом решении суда: «Я разочарован. Не верьте в чужую искренность» The actor commented on the results of the meeting. According to Eremeeva, Karina acted dishonestly. Despite the fact that recently in between to improve relations, the family of Mishulin change my mind to completely shut down a court case against the newspaper, has reported that Timur is the son of a movie star, and him personally.

Timur Eremeev, who recently acknowledged illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina outraged by the behavior of Karina. The actress attended the next court session, in which she withdrew her claim to the young artist, however, decided to present in the bodies of his mother, Valentina Konstantinovna.

Karina Mishulina against Timur Eremeeva. Online broadcasting from a court hall

Eremeev was not present at the trial, his interests were represented by lawyers. He commented on the results in a new post in the microblog.

“I’m disappointed. Supposed to talk about it, to be honest. Always been too open and trusting, and once again disappointed in people. Don’t let us know, although it was an agreement, a party Karina decided, slightly transforming a lawsuit, continue a lawsuit. For our part, we were ready to process for a long time, but I believe that our willingness not useful as Karina, their behavior strongly demonstrated a willingness to review the claim. We have repeatedly supported the adjournment of the meetings at the request of Karina and her lawyer, as they assured us that this time it takes them to calm the mother Kariny. As I understand it, all these requests, as well as talking about “the world” was an attempt to pull time” – described the situation Eremeev.

According to Timur, by doing so Karina just got rid of the status of the plaintiff, but refused the accusations against him. “Slightly revised the lawsuit remained in court, where we will have to arrange all the points. I see no fundamental difference, who is the plaintiff, Karina’s mother presented in court by the Carina, or the Carina. The essence is the same. Don’t believe in someone’s sincerity is not confirmed by deeds,” said the actor.

Recall that some time ago the final examination decided that Timur has a relative Spartak Mishulin. “The announced results of the DNA test, from which it follows that Spartak Mishulin my dad, a big surprise for me did not. Of course, the excitement was present, simply because the price of someone’s error was extremely high. But the absolute credibility of the laboratory, which, by the way, chose my sister, and specialists of the world level under the leadership of Pavel Leonidovich Ivanov allowed to be confident that the examination will confirm my words about the relationship with Mishulin,” said Eremeev in an interview with “StarHit”.