Елена Ваенга откровенно рассказала о ненависти к мужу
She wrote an angry letter.

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga recently found a direct confirmation of the famous saying — “From love to hate one step.” Examining your things, the artist found a letter written by her own hand seven years ago. It Vaenga shared his attitude to the Roman Sadirbaev, which became known later by her husband.

That was the reason for writing the letter Elena did not tell fans. But I showed him the contents. “I, Elena Vladimirovna was born in 1972, I declare that I hate with Roman Anvarovich with all his strength, which only can represent a human being!” the letter says Helena.

Soon Elena will celebrate the first anniversary of their wedding. Star chanson tied the knot on 30 September — the birthday of the beloved grandmother. The celebration was a gift for a relative on the 90th anniversary, because she wanted to “walk” on the granddaughter’s wedding. “No matter how I struggled, still “surrendered”. Grandmother is still in shock from the “gift” granddaughter, and we forget not yet. Emotionally the day is hard to beat, and not need…” — said Elena shortly after the wedding.

By the way, recently the singer for the first time showed the face of his grown son Vanya. The actress published a portrait of a boy, the author of which was her ex-husband, Ivan Matvienko, with whom she kept a great relationship.