Elena Vaenga made sacrifices for her husband

Елена Ваенга пошла на жертву ради мужа
The singer escaped from a hospital for her beloved.

Elena Vaenga with her husband Roman

Photo: @vaengaofficial Instagram of Elena Vaenga

Elena Vaenga, while in his native St. Petersburg, a few
days ago was admitted to the hospital. 41-year-old singer fell ill
bronchitis. She tried to treat people’s methods, but after all
agreed to seek the assistance of qualified professionals. Artist
appointed intensive treatment: dropper, procedure. Performer performs
the doctors ‘ orders to get back to work. In the hospital Elena
the queue to visit relatives.

And on the eve of Elena for one day escaped from supervision
health-care workers. To “take time off” from the doctors at Vaenga was
good reason: her husband’s birthday — Romana with. For the 35th anniversary spouse
the singer returned to the walls of their home. She had prepared for the occasion
feast, a sumptuous dinner in the company of closest friends celebrated the anniversary of the Novel. “35 — it’s arrogance and luxury. I
go dust those off!” — joked Vaenga on the topic of the age difference
with her husband. By the way, from ice cream, served for dessert, she bravely

In the coming days Vaenga plans to return to
performances. She painted a very tight work schedule, which probably
impact on her health. Last year, by the way, turned to Elena
a frequent hospitalizations. Prior to that, as he told the singer, she’s 10 years not been to the hospital.