Избранница Дмитрия Маликова поразила сходством со Стефанией
Network blame a new photo of the family members of the people’s artist.

Избранница Дмитрия Маликова поразила сходством со Стефанией

Stefania Malikov and Leonid Gruzdev, Dmitriy Malikov and Anastasia

Photo: Instagram.com

In the family Malkovich continues a series of banquets.
Recently, the family of the actor celebrated the completion, then the majority
Stephanie and the anniversary of her mother, Elena. Yesterday in the capital’s restaurant was held
party Malkovich.

Inna Malikov with his son Dmitry and niece Stephanie
walked on the birthday of Anastasia Tolstoy, a potential daughter-in-law of the soloist ENSEMBLE “New Samotsvety”. Malikov Jr. for more than a year, as it turned out, meets with
a participant of the contest “Miss Russia”. Anastasia is familiar with the mother of his
boyfriend — Inna and is invited to all family events Malikovich.

Stefaniya Malikova beautifully observed coming of age

For a holiday girls Malikov-Junior Stephanie came in the company
Leonid Gruzdev, the son of a billionaire, with whom she was romantically
relationship. Joint photo of members of the younger generation of a famous family with
their “second halves” received wide discussion in social networks. One said,
what a sweetheart Malikov, Jr. strikingly similar to Stephanie. Other that
in the picture both girls are somewhat older than their Boyfriends.

Interestingly, Stephanie and John had not gone in the footsteps of
parents chose other professions. Malikov-the youngest is studying in Geneva on
speciality restaurant business. And Stefania at the beginning of last year began
training at MGIMO, faculty of journalism.