Елена Проклова оправдала Рудковскую за ее строгое воспитание The actress explained why the producer uses such methods. According to Elena Proklova, Yana Rudkovskaya – the wise woman that she knows what’s best for her children. That is why no one has the right to judge her.

Despite the fact that the son of Yana Rudkovskaya Sasha himself said that the parents do not lay hands on him, and in a dark room he’s sitting no more than ten minutes, some continue to accuse the mother of cruelty. A colleagues wife Plushenko in the show business decided to rise to her defense. Ksenia Sobchak said that all future athletes educate in severity. It is known that the youngest son Rudkovskaya plans to become a famous figure skater.

The journalists communicated with other colleagues of Yana. Actress Elena Proklova, who has two daughters, believes that the approach Rudkovskaya to the education of the child is not very ill.

“She’s hardly stepped over a threshold of maternal love. I think Ian is a very wise woman, strong, passed through difficulties of this life, have achieved a lot! To teach a child to work is a great blessing that a mother can do for his child. Has not been canceled techniques such as the severity. And between rigor and concept of “bad” is impossible to put equality sign. I don’t know whether Jana in front of goal to grow the champion, I think she wants the baby to have found you!” – said the movie star.

Rudkovskaya said her son likes skating. He diligently teaches the elements and trying not to disappoint my father. “I think Ian is doing everything not contrary to the wishes of the boy. While he himself may not be demanding, for him it should be the parents. I think Ian is a believer and her spiritual father would instruct her on THIS path,” shared Proklova.

Other stars admitted to “Source” that parents have the right to choose how to deal with children. Some athletes suffered from the cruelty of friends, but it helped them to achieve career success in the future. “This is a personal matter of every mother – how to raise your child. If the parent does not violate the law, that is, not beat the child and does not cause psychological trauma, it is not for us to judge!” – said Elena Hanga.