Жена Льва Лещенко не может смириться с отсутствием детей Irina Pavlovna spoke frankly about the personal. Despite the fact that the woman is happily married to Lion Leshchenko for several decades, they have no heirs. The wife of the artist admitted that her feelings have diminished, but not extinguished.
Жена Льва Лещенко не может смириться с отсутствием детей

76-year-old Lev Leshchenko became the hero of the program Boris Korchevnikov “the Destiny of man” on the channel “Russia 1”. People’s artist of Russia, told the TV presenter on why parted ways with singer Alla Abdalova, and remembered how he met current wife Irina Baudinii.

The future singer lost his mother early. A woman died after an illness when he was very young. Lev Valerjanovich does not know the exact diagnosis Claudia Leshchenko.

Жена Льва Лещенко не может смириться с отсутствием детей“It was the height of the war. I don’t know exactly what happened to her, it seems that something to do with the throat,” said the contractor.
Жена Льва Лещенко не может смириться с отсутствием детей

With my future wife Alla Abdalova, a student of the famous Soviet Opera singer Maria Maksakova, Leshchenko met when he studied at the GITIS. A few years later the lovers legalized relationships. However, after a time, the artists broke up. The reasons for that were several. Abdalova and a woman is rarely seen as constantly toured. Contributed to the strengthening of relations and different aspirations of the spouses.

“Competition was inevitable. Rarely withstand such internal conflict… She wanted to do a classic, she auditioned at the Bolshoi, she was invited to the trainee group. She was the only student of Maria Maksakova. I then worked on the radio. A conflict of interest, of course, existed. Firstly, trips, and secondly one has something and another does not. And our teacher kept saying: “Never marry colleagues.” As a result, our marriage suffered and we broke up,” recalls Leo valeryanovich.
Жена Льва Лещенко не может смириться с отсутствием детей

In an interview Abdalova claimed that the woman did not want to have children, and she was forced to take action. The singer says that his wife never told him about the abortion.

Now Leshchenko is married to Irina Baudinii, the couple have been together for 40 years. For the first time the artist saw a future wife in Sochi on vacation. A year after Dating, the lovebirds were married. The Leshchenko and Baudinii no children. Irina Pavlovna admitted Korchevnikov that continues to suffer because of this, although years of experience has decreased.

“As a youth it was hard to accept with age as it fades into the background. Moreover, there are now such technology… But unfortunately, they are impossible to use. You need to experience it and move on… I’m worried still,” said Irina Leshchenko.

The artist’s wife added that he always feels his support, especially in difficult situations. The same can be said of her husband. “We had hidden it… And this is not necessary so to speak, to feel it”, – says Irina Pavlovna.