Елена Лядова прекрасно общается с дочерью Вдовиченкова от первого брака
The actor shared a touching photo with joint trips.

Photo: Instagram.com

Vladimir Vdovichenkov published in his
the microblog, which he captured, together with his wife Elena Lyadova and charming
girl, and signed it: “Went for a walk”. Fans, of course, immediately
guessed, who is this young lady, but just in case, said the actor: “It’s your
daughter?”. Vladimir hurried to answer: “Yes. Daughter Veronica”. Of course,
the actor is very pleased that Veronica Elena and I are getting along great, and absolutely
it is obvious that the three of them well.

Vladimir Vdovichenkov always
was and continues to be a caring and loving father to Veronica that
confirms the girl’s mother, the actress Olga Filippova. “We tried to make our separation it is not
injured, — said Olga in an interview to “Caravan of stories”. — Volodya, and so
was constantly on the move. And now picks up his daughter at the opportunity, Veronica
rejoices when he comes. Rushes to him: “Dad! Hello!!” Then before
me report: “Were at the movies, riding bicycles, sitting in cafes…”
that dad is responsible for entertainment and I have other responsibilities”.

Dad, despite his busy
schedule always in touch with Veronica and aware of all the Affairs and problems of his daughter. “If
Veronica complains that at school her someone offends, Vova is like a red
rag — admitted Olga Filippova “the Caravan of stories”. — Ready to drop everything and immediately run
to understand. Sometimes he even had to hold back: “It’s the children, maybe she
that boy just like that?” And anyway, Volodya never forgets. When
took away my daughter from school, put on: “that boy is teasing you?” And when
the case came to him: “So, buddy, we don’t Abid hurt. It

In the comments to the photo with
walking fans of the actor wished happiness and success to his family and agreed in
the opinion that his beautiful daughter is very similar to his famous dad.

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