Ani Lorak gave daughter’s birthday castle

Ани Лорак подарила дочери на день рождения замок
Huge Palace grew on the lawn near the house of the singer.

Ани Лорак подарила дочери на день рождения замок

The Ani Lorak’s Daughter Sofia

Photo: Instagram

All the guests of the Princess Sophia were dressed in Royal
dress code. Dresses babies all as one,
were the dresses of princesses from different eras and styles.

Ани Лорак подарила дочери на день рождения замок

Ani Lorak

Photo: Instagram

Today daughter Ani Lorak Sophia was five years old. In honor
the first anniversary of the singer staged a little celebration of a true Princess. Specifically
for celebration star mom ordered the scenery of a fairytale castle. Stunning
beauty Palace pale blue color in the style of Walt Disney cartoons grew on the front lawn of the stars.

The ceremony was attended by all the friends of girl – children colleagues
Carolina: Martin children of Philip Kirkorov and Alla-Victoria, youngest daughter
Alexander Revva and the daughter of Stas Mikhailov Ivanna and, of course, their parents.

Philip is the godfather of Sofia, so it is not
could not to come. For this day the singer has canceled all the important meetings, negotiations and other
the planned activities. In addition to the luxurious castle, special guns,
throwing confetti and glitter for friends of Sophia danced a huge Cheburashka
— invited entertainer wearing a costume of your favorite character the hero of the occasion — the hero
tales by Edward Uspensky.

Alexander Revva with his daughter Amelie, Philip Kirkorov with children and friends, Stas Mikhailov and his wife Inna

Photo: Instagram

In the final celebration made luxurious Princess cake with
candles, happy Sofia blew out under the loud applause of the guests.

It should be noted that June is a month rich on the birth of children of celebrities. Just this week born the son of Natalia Podolsky and Vladimir Presnyakov Artemiy, son of Agnes, Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova Fedor, Natalia Vodianova became a mother for the fifth time, after giving birth to son Maxim, and just recently become parents Sergei Bezrukov and Anna Mattison.

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