Елена Панова отпраздновала день рождения в семейном кругу
The star of “shadow Boxing” turned 39 years old.

Elena Panova

Elena Panova, who in March of this year
second time mom, now busy pleasant troubles, related with the baby
Lida, which was not yet 3 hmesyatsev, and older 4-year-old daughter
Marianne. So this time on his birthday, the actress did not invite

“My husband is preparing me a surprise, some know
in the evening, when he returns from work, and we have the whole family get together for the holiday
table, — said Elena 7days.ru. — And the eldest daughter Marianna gave me a gift its
hands — a picture which drew my mom, dad and two children — and yourself
younger sister Lida. Grandparents congratulated me on the phone, but in
soon they will visit us. And we with Masha Poroshina, which
became friends on the set of the TV series “Chesnochnitsy”, and the third our friend — Director
picture of Julia Krasnova agreed to arrange a bachelorette party. Sit in a cafe, but if
weather will allow, to some outdoor patio. To date we have already decided —
this day we all happen to be free.

The editors of the portal 7days.ru congratulate the beautiful and talented Elena happy
birthday and wishes of family well-being and prominent roles in the film.

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