Елена Летучая впервые вышла в свет с женихом
The pair appeared to award Oksana Fedorova “the Most stylish”.

Elena Volatile and Yuri Anashenkov

Photo: Olga Loskutova

Elena Letuchaya was first published, along with his fiance —
businessman Yury Analogovym. If the fact of first marriage TV presenter not
hid, the face of the man she loved to this day tried not to show it. Apparently, in order not
jinx happiness. But for Oksana Fedorova, once again organized
the award “the Most stylish”, Lena made an exception.

However, to openly pose for photographers along with Yuri Volatile
refused flatly. However, she spent with her future husband the whole evening.
The star glowed with her overwhelming happiness.
Her fiance, in turn, willingly doing a selfie with his future wife and
openly admired the slender and beautiful companion.

Recall that Elena will marry soon it became known in February
this year. Offer hands and hearts Flying received on Valentine’s day — February 14, which was the main presenter and a surprise gift on the day
all the lovers. That day Yuri got down on one knee, pulled out
his inside pocket a ring and asked her if she would marry him. Elena,
of course, said the coveted “Yes!” “I
never been married, ” says Volatile. — And now I am a happy bride!”

Yuri and Elena are not together for so long. Volatile doesn’t really like to spread
on the subject of his personal life, but a year ago, and is claimed that such
a luxury she doesn’t have time. But last summer during a holiday in Bali
the girl has published in his personal blog a picture of her hands intertwined with men’s
hand, making it clear that love still is in her life.

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