Владимир Машков готов сильно поправиться для новой роли
The actor believes that his profession left him no choice.

Vladimir Mashkov

Photo: dress length films

Vladimir Mashkov in a professional environment is renowned for its perfectionism in the approach to work. He independently performs dangerous stunts, willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of an interesting role and never diverted to other projects, if agreed to shooting in a particular film. The same dedication and distinguished by Mashkov during the period of preparation for the next work. It may be for days not to leave the gym to the start of filming to be in the best shape.

To talk about the fact that before each new project, the actor resets the weight, broude true irony. “It’s hard to count how many times I
lost weight, gained weight and lost weight again – said Mashkov. – To immediately end these senseless
conversations: how I was in the same weight class, so there and I am, then
have nowhere to go. You can discuss someone in the office yesterday when he came skinny, but
tomorrow thick. In my case we are talking about is to match
the character will play. So it turns out that in recent years I
play is not of those people who is always on time and eat a lot. But if you suddenly appear
offer to play someone three fat guys, I will try to match”, – the actor smiles.

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