Elena Letuchaya talked about “paid” in “Revizorro”

Елена Летучая рассказала о «заказухе» в «Ревизорро»
The presenter gave the most candid interview in my life.

Photo: Instagram

Elena Letuchaya is no longer working in the program “Revizorro”, but the public still associates the project with her. Elena recently gave one of the most candid interviews of the transfer and has issued several mysteries associated with his work on “Friday.” In particular, many are wondering whether the rumors are true that many of the stories in the show were “contractual”.

“Talk about a real story that happened in Khabarovsk, says Volatile. — I arrived there, I calculated immediately began to shoot. Given the news that came Flying. To us then the first day was joined by some “journalists” who went with us, taking pictures. Then there was a story: a friend of the restaurateur said that the city has long been obzvonila all restaurateurs. All offered to remove the “good story” about their institution over 5 thousand euros. I was outraged! I work, I ditch myself as Kashtanka, and then some people spoil my reputation, earn it…”

Flying wanted to find these people. Program producer accidentally found a “correspondent” who has a connection with the fraud. They arranged for a meeting in a car equipped with hidden cameras. The meeting was their representative, who in detail explained that it was necessary to remove already from the footage in the story. He also called and found out that the Fugitive allegedly asking for more money. The team of “Revizorro” took the story in the video.

“We do not take money, do not call, do not agree! — says Elena. — If I ever got the money though for something, that’s all there would be no program! She wouldn’t go further. But “the Moscow season” I was getting 12-14 thousand rubles for each program. When I met my future husband and he found out how much I work and earn, he asked me: “are You crazy?”

By the way, as for the “Moscow” season “Revizorro,” the Bat says that there “honest did not happen.” Elena told me that all restaurateurs somehow was warned much in advance and managed to remove all of their violations.

“Over the years “Revizorro” I have some “flair” has developed. I was able to walk on the perfect restaurant and feel that there is something wrong. My operators, with whom we’ve all been in Moscow, told me: “Len, they were preparing”. Replied: “I know.” One thing that all expensive restaurants moved to the end of filming. It’s weird! I couldn’t affect it. The game started without me. I have all the responsibility herself, and now it was not. The installation appeared tough. I remember every restaurant! I sometimes saw the story and realized that there is mounted a cockroach, which wasn’t there!” — said Volatile restaurateur Dmitry Levitsky in his author’s project ReBro.