Участница «Дома-2» раскрыла интимные подробности опыта эскорт-услуг Margo Ovsyannikova shares his experience. She tried to fulfill every whim of men. Now she came to look for love on the platform of the reality show “Dom-2”, but did not hesitate to tell about the dark past.

Participant reality show “House-2” Margo Ovsyannikov admitted that for some time he worked in the field of escort services. She did not hide the fact that not only accompanied the men, but agreed to sex. 22-year-old girl has a wealth of experience – now she remembers, what she wanted her clients and what she had to endure. She’s not ashamed of his past and talks about what he saw during that time.

“When I worked in the escort, one customer wished to play role-playing games. I had the role of older sister. Had to abuse the “little brother” for wearing my pink lace panties. Even had to spank him on the ass. “Say what you will tell mom!” — demanded it. Not going to believe this threat brought him to orgasm. Didn’t even have to have sex,” – said Ovsyannikov.

Now Margo is participating in the reality show “Dom-2”, where girls and young people in order to meet soulmate. The participant was not afraid to declare the whole country about the details of his past, which, alas, does not do it credit.

As he told a friend of Margarita, she decided to take an escort in order to solve the financial problems. According to her, Ovsyannikov kicked out of the house her young man and has not left her any money. Then the girl went to work as an administrator in the Park and karaoke, but realized that I will not be able to support themselves. She did not refuse a tempting offer to provide sexual services for money, and this has borne fruit – she bought an apartment and a car.

“I know she did it to help his family. And never to become dependent on men, which may at any time put her over the threshold,” – said a friend of the girl.

Once Rita was getting married to your ex young man who indirectly gave her thoughts about the escort. She believed that she was married with her lover.

“On the fourth day after they met they moved in together and lived for seven and a half months. All went to the wedding, but over time he began to become impudent. Rita fully depended on him, and he took advantage,” – said a friend of the magazine “the House-2”.