Elena Ksenofontova publicly humiliated by the husband

Елена Ксенофонтова публично унизила гражданского мужа Presnensky court of Moscow issued a final decision in connection with the conflict of the actress and her ex-wife Alexandra Redheads. As said the actress, all trials ended in her favor. Now she owes nothing to the apartment, donated by Alexander, remains the actress and her children.
Елена Ксенофонтова публично унизила гражданского мужа

Star of TV series “Kitchen”, “Hotel Eleon”, the actress of theatre and cinema Elena Ksenofontova more than two children was in a state of war with the former civil husband. Battles unfolding in courtrooms, and television studios. The reasons for the conflict were several. First, ex-husband expressed his intention to take Elena presented once in the apartment, and secondly, planned to get full custody of the common daughter. Alexander Red first filed for Elena to court, accusing her of assault and threats. When entered into force the law on partial decriminalization of assault against relatives, the charges were dropped, but the trial ended just now.

Elena reported on the page in Instagram. The actress wrote that no one and nothing else must daughter stays with her. They will live in a donated ex-husband apartment.

“Of course, I should have been yesterday, but the realization of what happened comes only now. Three long, humiliating trial for two and a half years. A few dozen trials, after seventy stopped counting. Countless examinations, psychological, substance abuse, etc., requests, inquiries, motions, parallel attempts to organize new processes, the preparation of the murder, for example, accusations, testimony, provocation. Not to mention a sea of tears, lost health, lost time, huge debt in connection with numerous legal costs, and most importantly, permanently naglasena mental health two minor children. In the end, my daughter is with me and his brother in the house, which I hope no one ever want us to take away. I’m not doomed to a lifetime payment of tens of millions for something he did not commit. The decision of Presnensky court yesterday confirmed the Moscow city court,” wrote the actress.
Елена Ксенофонтова публично унизила гражданского мужа

Actress Elena Ksenofontova and lawyer Alexander Red met 2011. They almost immediately began to live together, the man found a common language with the son of the actress from a previous relationship with Timothy, and later they had a daughter Sophia. However, just four years later, the couple began the conflict, and in 2016 they announced the breakup. Friends of the couple said that the reason for the gap was the reluctance of Alexander to legitimize the relationship with Elena.

In the winter of last year she publicly stated that her ex-husband grazhdanki intentionally misrepresented her – Alexander accused his wife of assault, to, according to Ksenofontova away from her previously presented to the apartment. In parallel, there was litigation over custody of the daughter.

Helen has supported thousands of women across the country, they closely followed the proceedings, a television, in which floated all new and new facts of family life Ksenofontova and Red, signed the petition for the protection of the rights of the actress.

Now, when it was all over for Ksenofontova safely, she thanked fans, friends and colleagues.

Елена Ксенофонтова публично унизила гражданского мужа “I have fantastic friends and family, in joy and in sorrow, amazing heart and sympathetic colleagues, the most devoted fans and an ocean of strangers. How is it that a lot!” – posted by Elena Ksenofontova.

The actress is not sure that this war with her husband over, she believes that the current victory, perhaps, merely a respite before a new fight. “Of course, tomorrow may be considering a new appeal or invented a new process… But today… Today, can I just sleep?” – posted by Elena Ksenofontova.