80-летняя мама Валерии экстремально похудела Celebrity cares not only about appearance. Valeria tries to follow the diet of the mother, Galina Perfilova. Recently the singer proudly confessed to subscribers that thanks to her beloved mother began a successful struggle with excess weight.
80-летняя мама Валерии экстремально похудела

In April, the singer Valeria celebrated its fiftieth anniversary. This artist — just that case when the age on the passport is much different from what actually is: the singer looks much younger than his years. Valeria a lot of time on appearance: how often engaged in sports, trying to eat right. Healthy lifestyle it instills and the rest of the family. For example, the spouse of the singer, producer Iosif Prigozhin, changed for the better thanks to the efforts of a caring spouse. Recently, the artist proudly noted that her mother, 80-year-old Galina perfilova, decently thin.

“Lost 10 kg on my diet!” — said the singer to one of the fans to question about what was the cause of such dramatic transformation Galina Nikolaevna.
80-летняя мама Валерии экстремально похудела

More recently, Valeria began to develop a system of power called No Secret by Valeriya. Diet from singer is designed for those who want to lose weight and for people who want to efficiently gain weight.

At this time Valeria with mom, enjoy your stay in France. On vacation Galina perfilova allowed himself to relax a little bit in terms of food.

“With the family at dinner. Mummy travel is also missing in our diet, although there is something to pamper yourself,” said Valeria, published a touching picture with a parent.

An example from slim and beautiful mom takes her daughter Anna Shulgina. In the past, Anna could hardly be called slim, but today she can boast of a fit body and allow yourself to wear the clothes she wants. At this time, Shulgin tries to follow the diet, and also spends a lot of time in the gym. And recently, she commented on the questionable standards of beauty which young boys and girls sometimes bring themselves to exhaustion.

Anna Shulgin spoke about anorexia

“Girls and boys, have a head on your shoulders, not necessary from one extreme to another, don’t forget about my heart, about a spiritual condition, cultivate all good sides. Believe me, inner beauty is always reflected on the outside. You can be anything flat noses, or drymalia hands, but if you are a human turd, then you will be bad. I’ve never been anorexic physique, but believe me, attention from the opposite sex I was the sea, in any my weight. Harmony” — turned Anna to the youth.