Елена Борщева рассказала о пополнении в семье Ex-member Comedy Woman shared good news. Elena Borschev told about the new addition to the microblog. Recently, the Network was rumored that the actress is expecting a child.

The former participant of KVN team “Team of Pyatigorsk” Elena borscheva now has two daughters – Martha and the Mind. Not so long ago a celebrity was suspected of pregnancy, she began to appear at various events in loose clothing that hid her figure. Intrigue was added by the fact that she is ex-member Comedy Woman they denied nor confirmed these rumors. In the microblog Borschev decided to tell fans that her family has indeed become more.

“Recently in the media exaggerated the theme of replenishment in our family, what can I say? Yes, we are replenished. Meet Stiles borschiv,” wrote Elena in the social network.

It turned out that the oldest daughter of umoristi, ten years Mar, begged for a puppy. Now their house has a three-month snow-white Bichon Frise breed Bichon Frise. Fans were delighted that Helen and her husband Valery Yushkevich did not deny the children of such a whim and got a dog. “A miracle in your wonderful family”, “With the completion! Now the whole family is a loyal friend”, “You are funny. Really at first did not understand, began to look for the boy”, “class family, happiness and health!” – addressed nice words followers.

Despite the fact that the youngest daughter Elena’s Mind just two years, the actress talked about the intention to become a mother for the third time. She wants to give the spouse of a boy, as it believes that the Pope is now hard to be in “women’s Kingdom”. Besides, Borschev sees practical benefits from the extended family. She knows that for the third child as the parent capital on the land. The couple dream of their own home.

The artist does not hide the fact that she managed to get pregnant the second time through IVF. Contrary to popular belief that this procedure can be dangerous for the woman, Elena, everything went without complications.

Unlike many celebrities who like to talk about children, ex-member Comedy Woman shares with the fans what is happening in the girls ‘ lives. Recently the youngest daughter went to kindergarten. Little Mind spends time among peers.

“The first week in the garden passed on “perfectly”! Achievements: started to ask for a pot! Conveniently, there is a pool, anywhere to carry is not necessary. When you take from the garden, crying all weekend waiting for Monday,” said Elena.