Ирина Шейк зажигает с подругами в Москве The model spends a vacation in Russia. Fans are wondering, what is the purpose Irina Shayk arrived home. The celebrity went on a vacation with friends and share pictures of your leisure time.
Ирина Шейк зажигает с подругами в Москве

Not long ago, the famous model Irina Shayk arrived in Moscow. She enjoys spending time in his native land. Fans enjoy watching the rest of the famous beauties. She regularly indulges followers pictures and talks about what’s at home.

Basically Irina enjoys socializing with her friends. Last weekend it late at night, went with friends in the center of the city – to Red square. Judging by the outfits, the girls decided to look at the main attraction of the capital after dinner in the restaurant.

Fans are watching with interest the movements of the models around the city. Shayk showed in the social network that he managed to eat pickles and pies. Apparently, for a while she decided to forget about diet in order to fully enjoy the trip.

Irina also went to bath with friends. Not all followers are familiar with such, but because it was accompanied by a campaign video in stories – there she showed the atmosphere in the room and showed that this procedure required a broom made from branches of trees. Also fans interested in the reflection in the glass of the unknown young man who took a picture of the girls after the pair on the couch. They could not understand, whether it is a worker of an institution, whether their mate.

Judging by the fact that social networks are no photos of fans with the Shake, she prefers not to walk the streets of Moscow in the daytime. However, fans of the famous supermodels are hoping that they will get lucky and they’ll be able to see Irina with her eyes. “The beauty of our stunning! I never cease to admire. If I could meet you on the streets of Moscow”, “Oh, iris you in Russia? Boy, that does not forget his native country and loved ones”, “Irisha, you’re amazing! And your girlfriend is also very beautiful!” – wrote fans.

Also Shake looked in the boutique designer Alexander Terekhov, where he tried on one of the outfits of the new collection. Still fans of the unknown the purpose of the visit Irina in Moscow. Many will remember that not so long ago she starred in a commercial with Timothy. Although they worked in Los Angeles, despite the fact that the team consisted of Russians.

Ирина Шейк зажигает с подругами в Москве