Elena Armin van Buuren suffering after the birth of the youngest daughter

Елена Подкаминская страдает после рождения младшей дочери The actress is forced to deny ourselves in everything. Elena Armin van Buuren admitted that these days she is fully immersed in a small child. The star of the show “Kitchen” feeds a three-month Eva chest and this process is now subject to her whole life.
Елена Подкаминская страдает после рождения младшей дочери

Famous actress Elena Armin van Buuren in early August for the second time became a mother. She gave her beloved Denis Gushchin a daughter, eve.

Elena Armin van Buuren became a mother for the second time

And this Saturday, perhaps for the first time after the birth of the baby, Elena Armin van Buuren appeared in public. The star of the show “Kitchen” came to the program “Smak” Ivan Urgant to share their signature recipes. The actress made baked pumpkin with millet and spinach salad with pear and Gorgonzola. However, she is the second dish the young mother refused. She feeds the three-month eve Breasts, and therefore forced to follow a diet.

The actress hinted that her whole life is subordinated to his little daughter. “I suffer, I want to eat everything, but I love my child,” said Elena Armin van Buuren.

With a certain degree of self-irony, the star spoke about the strangeness in his behavior. She noted that the birth of the baby and the need to constantly care for them greatly affect women.

“When you have the baby, eye drops. And with a head not very good, by the way. There may be problems with speech, memory, but during lactation it is normal, the woman is self-absorbed, child. But it has a lot of love, tenderness, joy, happiness. Yes, still want to sleep totally. And here I took you came,” said Elena Armin van Buuren.

But despite all these nuances, according to the actress, she intends to return to work in November. A young mother will start shooting a movie, and the theater audience will be able to see her on the stage of the Vakhtangov theatre in a solo performance of “Careless actress.” From the decree Armin van Buuren will be released together with her daughter Eva. The baby will accompany her on the set and the rehearsals.

“I breastfeed again stressed young mom. – It is important that we were together. The daughter did not blame her mother, the actress”.

Elena Armin van Buuren is the eldest descendent of Polina from marriage with businessman Alexander Placeim. The difference in age daughters actress six and a half years. according to Armin van Buuren, Pauline a little jealous of Eva.

“Of course, I made it to the emergence of a younger sister, but still her daughter is going through, – admitted the actress. – Pauline often asks, “Mama, do you love me?”, “Mom, who do you like better?” We talk a lot, discuss”.

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