Избранник Алены Водонаевой готовится к новому этапу в отношениях DJ and TV presenter fans excited, fresh the. Alyona’s boyfriend posted a picture with her, and signing to him left a smiley face with a ring. Most fans of the pair decided that Alex had to make a sweetheart offer.
Избранник Алены Водонаевой готовится к новому этапу в отношениях

On the days Alena Vodonaeva flew to St. Petersburg to his beloved Alexei Cosine. The leader of the group Zeskullz celebrated the day of birth. The star is familiar with the musician for several years, but loving relationship they began only this spring. From the very beginning of the novel, a celebrity claimed that literally obsessed with feelings for DJ.

“May all your desires. I will help them to come true,” wrote Alyona on Instagram, thus congratulating the man on the 35th anniversary.

Love in two cities: the details of the new novel, Alena Vodonaevoy

In turn, the birthday boy posted a picture in an embrace with a spectacular brunette in the signature which left a smiley face in the form of a ring. The fans decided that the birthday he proposed to Alena. The representative of the celebrity said that no wedding is not planned yet, although Alex is serious.

“Alesha’s birthday today. They are celebrating. Here Alex and posted a photo with the ring as a sign of love for Allen,” said the agent Vodonaevoy “StarHit”.
Избранник Алены Водонаевой готовится к новому этапу в отношениях

Fans of the presenter think she changed much after in her life, a Cosine. The star was a burning brunette and her wardrobe appeared black outfits.

“We were surprised when learned that they were together, he told “StarHit” friends Vodonaevoy. – For so many years and then BAM – and relationship! Happy for them. Cool, when the partner is not just your lover but also a friend.”

Subscribers Alena often ask a celebrity to delight their staff with a boyfriend. “A beautiful couple. Alena still chooses bad boys”, “Alena, you even look like”, “Cool man! Look!” noted followers of the ex-participants “Houses-2”.

After appearing in the life of Alena Alexey she began to spend less time at parties. Almost every weekend a celebrity shows beautiful bouquets of roses, which she presents choice. They do not mind life in the two cities. Star has long dreamed to meet someone who could understand her perfectly. Alena prefers to surround himself with people who make progress every day and achieve new successes.

“I can’t sit, learn, interested, live, develop and create the world. If the person beside me is not enough to grow and move on, he goes the distance. So I go on my own. To stop and roll in the “don Dehradun” I’m not going,” – said Vodonaeva.