Евгения Феофилактова: «Антон перевел сыну шесть тысяч рублей» The star of “House-2” told about the assistance from the ex-spouse. Eugene Feofilaktova denied the words of the former husband’s permanent financial support to the child. Anton Gusev says that he is a wealthy young man who provides not only beloved, but also heir.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Антон перевел сыну шесть тысяч рублей»

Stars “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev was going to have the seventh of July the big wedding. However, just two weeks before the celebration, the man opened the correspondence of the bride and learned the shocking details: in a conversation with a friend, she said that it did not like the groom. Victoria, in turn, said that Anton lived on her money – she paid for the house, foreign travel, dinners in restaurants. Vic Romanets: “I can think Anton Alfonso, bought him underwear”

Gusev tried to justify himself and said that he earns 200 thousand rubles per month, and therefore provides not only a sweetheart but also son Daniel. He said that he transfers the money to the needs of the boy, and regularly buys food and clothes. Ex-spouse Anton Eugene Feofilaktova were surprised by such statements.

“Ex-husband saw the baby a month ago. After breaking up with Vic, he became interested in the son often call me and nanny. He says he wants to see, but so far it’s only words. I don’t like to talk, I need the facts: I want to see – come. But Anton said that first they will find a new home. A child constantly asks where dad is – I don’t know what he has to answer. Apparently, Anton remembered who his most close person, – admitted Feofilaktova “StarHit”. – As for help – Anton son bought a tracksuit and handed over six thousand”.
Евгения Феофилактова: «Антон перевел сыну шесть тысяч рублей»

According to Eugene soon Anton and Victoria can reconcile and forgive each other all wrongs. Moreover, it seems that young people do get married.

“I’m sure the wedding they will have, and the humiliation and insults will be forgotten. Now out how they really live, says the reality star. – Unpleasant one – now even my name mentioned. I’m indifferent to what happens between them – the main thing that it did not concern me and my son”.

Евгения Феофилактова: «Антон перевел сыну шесть тысяч рублей»

Despite the fact that Anton confidently stated that he intends to lead Daniel to his own wedding, she confessed – it was just his dream. According to her, Gusev did not discuss with her this issue and she has taken a principled stand and did not intend to let the child on this occasion.

“Anton I didn’t say anything about the fact that the son will be there to celebrate. That Daniel is there to do? Will club atmosphere – I think it is not the best place for a child. Yes and more, to let him go to the wedding with a woman who didn’t care about family values? I’m sorry,” – said Eugene “StarHit”.