Экс-участник «Дома-2» оберегает 13-летнюю дочь от участия в проекте Stas Karimov forbids the child to watch popular reality show. The man took part in the famous telestroke one of the first. Now he does not like what is happening in the program, but because he’s trying to protect the heiress from watching.

Twins Stas and Oscar Karimov was one of the first who appeared on the reality show “Dom-2”. Despite the fact that they were able to stay for a year and a half, and now men speak negatively about the project. Stas tries not to remember what once was the hero of the program and tried to find your love under the gun multiple cameras.

Now the man is happily married with his wife Elena. Together they have a daughter the Mind, which is already 13 years old. Despite the fact that the Stas stayed on the project for quite a long time, he does not want the successor followed his example and went on a reality show in search of love.

“The mind accustomed to the fact that I know, but “House-2″ we do not include: daughter I’m not allowed to watch this madhouse, but she herself will not. If the telestroke was really interesting, experimental project, now there is, excuse me, some scum. 13 years is a long time even for such a successful project, it is not surprising that the ratings began to fall,” says the man.

Karimov is proud of her daughter – she studies well at school, engaged in creative work, as well as making progress in the sport. Now the girl received a black belt in Taekwondo.

Stas admits that now he was ashamed to look at what is happening in the “House-2”. He believes that in the beginning of the project the audience was interested to watch heroes. Despite the fact that some of the “old” reality shows offer to return, Karimov is unwilling to make such offers. He found his love and now cherishes the relationship with the beloved. Stas Karimov: “do not tell Anyone that was on the “House-2”

“The most important thing is to trust each other, to support and not to succumb to provocations, whoever they may be. Do not swear on trifles: if you have real, sincere feelings, we must fight for them. Now the same “House-2″ and just in life, people agree, disagree, looking for new partners and never find. You need to forgive and accept the person. And, of course, never about anything not regret. I have no regrets,” he told the former reality show participant correspondent of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.