Мария Арбатова потеряла близкого человека Celebrity shared the sad news. The writer reported on the death of his mother Civii ilinichny Gavrilina. Earlier, an elderly woman fell and broke her hip. The last couple of days she spent in the hospital.
Мария Арбатова потеряла близкого человека

59-year-old Maria Arbatov reported the sad news. In Moscow has died the mother women civia Gavrilin. “Mom died waiting for surgery… I Ask friends not to call with condolences, and to contact via PM”, – said Arbatov on the page in “Facebook”.

Followers of Mary expressed her sympathy and told me to hold on to. “Eternal memory”, “How”, “let it be reborn in the pure land,” “Loss…”, “This is terrible”, “condolences”, “sorry Sincerely”, “Very hard to lose a mother. Be brave”, “May her soul rest in peace” “rest in peace”, “Grieve” with you “Forces you,” they wrote in the comments to the publication women.

Мария Арбатова потеряла близкого человека

Earlier Arbatov said that her mother was forced to turn to medical professionals. In connection with the poor health of a close person Maria asked reporters not to bother her. By the way, very soon – July 17 – the writer will celebrate the anniversary.

Мария Арбатова потеряла близкого человека“Mom fell in the kitchen and by all accounts broke her hip. Feeling her integrity, I, from the comfort of the shock, called her son and “03”. The second son, who is in our family for medicine, as I had studied it, along with psychology, was out of town. The “03” gave up traumatologia, which is forbidden to touch the mother to the ambulance, and the brigade materialized instantly. The number of this magic brigade 117, number 34 substation – a low bow to them!” – Arbatov told a few days ago.
Мария Арбатова потеряла близкого человека

Then Civu Ilyinichna was hospitalized. “In the emergency Department Maman researched exactly 5 hours, so my son has almost caught there and intermarried with officers and other emergency patients,” said Arbatov.

The writer tried not to move away from his mother’s bedside and held a vigil for her around the clock. Concerned heirs of Mary advised her to relax a bit.

“Sons forbid me now to go in sklif to sleep and became like a man, especially my mother sleeps all day on a drip, as in the course of yesterday’s survey gave a pressure of 200. Communicates with physicians son is a psychologist who understands stated in Latin”, – said Arbatov.

In its publications, the writer also noted that the experts, which included her mother, world-class professionals, ready for anything. “The doctors are fantastic. I want to say a special thank you to everyone! Nurses and orderlies as well!” – wrote a woman.