Экс-участник «Дома-2» Николай Должанский женился The man said that officially registered the relationship with the beloved. Novel Nicholas Dolzhansky with a charming blonde Ekaterina Bogdanova has been developing for several years. Fans congratulate former star of the TV show with such an important event.
Экс-участник «Дома-2» Николай Должанский женился

Nikolay Dolzhansky became famous throughout the country when it came to the TV project “Dom-2”. He constantly pioneered various scandals, while not tired to show their unique creative ability.

After retiring from “Home-2” Dolzhansky continued to find themselves and love. Apparently, he managed to find happiness. At least in one of the last posts on Instagram the man told about held the wedding with the chosen one named Catherine.

“Today, signed by Ekaterina V. Bogdanova in the registry office of the municipal district of Mar’ina Roshcha! Now Ekaterina Valer’evna no longer Bogdanov, and Dolzhansky” – said the man.

It is known that Nicholas and Catherine are familiar not one year. In 2016 Instagram ex-member of “House-2” appeared in a joint photo with the girl. Itself Bogdanov chose not to comment on the relationship status with a man.

Fans were delighted from the news of the sudden marriage Dolzhansky. However, there are skeptics, confident that in fact Nicholas was not legalized relationship with a partner.

“But Kate is aware of the fact that you signed? It would hardly have agreed on their own”, “Happiness lovely couple, and your wife patience. She got a very kind and bright man, a Very beautiful girl, but I doubt that they really got married,” shared their views subscribers Dolzhansky.

Catherine herself chose not to answer questions concerning marriage. She posted in stories combines a photo with Dolzhansky, hinting that his post may be true. While the couple haven’t shared shots from the wedding, so their fans remain doubts about the veracity of the information.

Earlier Nikolay Dolzhansky was already married to Olga Rapunzel. He tricked a young woman to sign a prenup, which was subsequently cancelled. With Ekaterina Bogdanova man met on the birthday of Stepan Menschikova. Beloved ex-member of “House-2” has repeatedly stated that he wants to get to the project, but can not pass the audition.

Fans hope that now Dolzhansky leave attempt again to conquer the telestroke and begin to build love outside the perimeter. However, it is possible that the scandalous couple in the end will try to get to the “House-2”, using a new spiral of their relationship.