Ekaterina Volkova was scared because of my daughter

Екатерина Волкова перепугалась из-за дочери
The actress decided on extreme action.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

That just is not ready for her beloved mom
child! Star parents — is no exception. For Example, Ekaterina Volkova,
which is incredibly afraid of different rides, for six-year-old daughter
Lisa decided to overcome his phobia: it happened in Sochi.

“Spent the whole day in
Sochi theme Park with the child, — says the actress. Most of all
afraid and do not like roller coasters, but Goosen (so kindly star calls daughter),
knows how to persuade. In this photo I up to visit the attraction. After you
see, photographed I wasn’t ready”.

By the way, in Sochi, Ekaterina not only spends time with the family, but works.
There are now shooting the TV series “Voronin”. Moreover, the company the actress
made Natalia Ionova, who played in one episode itself.

In the story
Voronin fly in a long-awaited vacation to the South, where a fall in crime
history. And all because Faith complained to the coast, the lack of attention and
romance. Shiftless husband decides to fork out and buy from local touts
expensive beads. But met in the bar the singer Glyuk oZу, Peter and Leon understand: Verina
the new clothes were stolen from the stars. To return the expensive mistress, the brothers
willing to break the law, and most importantly – to deny the Faith beloved gift…