Lindsay Lohan has overcome the dark Chapter in his life

Линдси Лохан преодолела темную полосу в своей жизни
The actress hopes that all of her troubles in the past.

Линдси Лохан преодолела темную полосу в своей жизни

Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan finally
was able to share with his fans the good news. After a long
break, she could not tell about the problems in his personal life and not about
new trouble with the law. Lohan said that soon on the screens out
the series “sick” with her. And ahead of Lindsay shooting in the mystical
the detective The Shadow Within.

That footage from
the filming of the series “sick”, showed that the 30-year-old Lindsay is
great shape. She made a new
hair and much prettier. Partner with Lohan on set
the site series was Rupert Grint, who became famous at the time of execution of the role
Ron Weasley, friend of Harry Potter.

As for the new
the film, Lohan was given the main role. Lindsay will be reincarnated
in a private detective named Patricia, which will have to investigate the murder
your own uncle.

Lindsay Lohan


A new milestone in the development
Lohan’s career followed a prolonged pause, when she was completely
absorbed by problems in their personal lives.Recall that last year, the actress
with a terrible scandal broke up with her boyfriend Egor Tarasovym,
whom she accused of treason and trying to kill her. Yegor, in turn, was recently accused Lohan of stealing, saying,
she stole his belongings from the house where they lived together. And while Lohan claimed
that and clocks, and clothing Tarasov gave her, the police insisted that she
back of the above items…