Екатерина Волкова подверглась жесткой критике за фото в бикини
Fans condemned the star of the TV series “Voronin” for the excessive frankness.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

Ekaterina Volkova along with 6-year-old daughter Lisa staged a
a vacation, flying away to rest in Turkey. The actress chose to stay one of
family-friendly hotels in Belek. Knowing how easy it is to vacation to relax and gain extra
pounds, star is trying not to ignore exercise. So,
the morning Volkov gets up early and while sleeping daughter, spends time intensive training
followed by a compulsory stretch.

Some time ago, Catherine challenged herself and
promised a month of daily classes to sit “perfectly even splits.” 5
August will be the day X: the actress will have to demonstrate
result. And yet daily in the comments to a particular post readers its pages
the social network ask how things were going. And she willingly shares with
fans details.

Before Volkov published a photo in swimsuit: after
exercise and stretching before going to the beach. Some readers harmless
the seemed very provocative. They say, in hopes that the actress,
publishing such pictures, some serious offers from Directors and
producers? In the comments erupted a real battle. Some believe that
the star’s shape is perfect, and this is certainly not a sin to show. Others believe that
it will not benefit the image of the actress.

She Volkova decided not to pay attention to critics, but
shared with readers the trouble: dropped my phone in water, left without
connection. But not for long! On the advice of experts, the actress has put the smartphone on the shelf…
the fridge! And, after a while, he earned.