Звезда «Сладкой жизни» объявила голодовку
The lukeria Ilyashenko told about why I no longer eat a healthy diet.

The Lukeria Ilyashenko

Photo: @Instagram lukerya the lukeria Ilyashenko

The lukeria Ilyashenko recently enrolled in the detox taking place in the clinic in Karelia, which involves complete abstinence from food the first few days. The star of “the Sweet life” admitted that her ultimate goal is not weight loss, as one would assume. The actress is the program cleaning of accumulated toxins in order to improve the condition of the body and skin in particular.

The sudden refusal of nutrition given by Luceri not as easy as she thought. “What can I say? Feel like normal, a little weak. However, during a session of Nordic walking (when you walk ski poles, but no skis… like a fool), in the forest instead, Vorobyov I, for some reason, began to haunt the Buffalo wings BBQ, but instead protein — kebab” jokes Ilyashenko.

The program of the actress is designed for seven days. This week, the star will hold according to the made to her schedule. In addition to daily rise at five in the morning, every day artist waiting for the procedure for cleaning the body. Of course, this “self-torture” takes place under the strict supervision of specialists of the clinic, which is now Ilyashenko. Lukerya promised to report their achievements at the end of the experiment.