Мария Шукшина не стесняется морщин и «поплывшего» овала лица
50-year-old actress has dramatically aged.

Maria Shukshina

Photo: @Instagram shukshina_maria Maria Shukshina

Maria Shukshina has kept this promise to the fans and showed their wrinkles. We are talking about that the other day, the actress played a joke on Ivan Urgant, artificially “aged” it with photoshop for 30 years and publishing the result online. She promised that soon, the same will be done with his portrait.

Today in the microblog stars got the frame in which she appeared visibly aged. The computer program “added a” 50-year-old actress wrinkles, gray hair and “floated” oval face. Obviously, not every woman dare to appear in front of fans. However, Maria did not hesitate and showed the world “the old lady” Shukshin. “My conscience is in me cried out again, and I on myself too… Experimented… in fairness!” — wrote the artist.

By the way, in the same collage was the Mary in the image of the man. He, according to subscribers, it turned out most successful. “An interesting experiment. But the man would be handsome!” “Nothing like this little man turned”; “it’s Funny, but you would be a gorgeous man!” — addressed to Maria fans.

Interestingly, some time ago a similar experiment was conducted by Yulia Menshova. It is worth noting that both stars in real life look great and not afraid to show fans pictures without makeup.