Екатерина Волкова порадовалась, что застраховала свою жизнь
The actress got into deadly trouble.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Ekaterina Volkova acknowledges that the construction and decoration of their own home was taken away from their families a lot of effort and money. And now she and her husband, Andrei Karpov have a lot of work. “Andrew is trying very hard to ensure that our house was a full bowl, — says the actress. — I also try my best. Here on tour running constantly. And, believe me, very difficult. Theatres in the province in terrible condition. Floors in the building in Abakan is rotten, and our lighting guy fell from the height of 10 meters, broke his ribs, traumatized spine. And he was lucky, as said doctors. Could die or remain disabled. I have each trip — a test of strength. Somehow we just miraculously survived. Returned from a tour of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. When I went to the airport, saw the trees Laden to the ground — such was the wind. We thought the flight will be canceled. Sitting at the airport waiting. Then we say: time to take off the hurricane left. Put us to the bus, took a plane, took off… Almost immediately we dropped down to the ground, then the plane drifted up into the clouds. So we chatted for 40 minutes. It turns out that the hurricane is back and we’re in its epicenter. The flight attendants faces were green. I thought it was the last minute of my life, could feel the passion from the horror. And thoughts I have had are: the child has not invested time, before leaving, kissed once, and not twice. It’s bad. But the mortgage for me, I insured if something happens to me, the Bank will close the mortgage, Andrew and Lisa will live in peace in our new home. That’s good. Shared all this with Sveta, our helper on the play. And she felt the same: “I Have on the card money on the education of daughters. Them six months after my death can not be removed”. In General, we ourselves have buried. Then I came to my senses and say, “Sveta, what we’re thinking? That’s it?!” And we will sargam with her. At this point, the bag on someone’s head fell off, because he opened a Luggage compartment. In General, we cry, and laugh in time. And then the plane leveled off. I went up the ladder seems to be half grey… But happy to be alive.”

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