Виктория Боня познакомила нового бойфренда с экс-супругом и его семьей After breaking up with millionaire Alex Servicom TV star had an affair with the owner of the investment Fund Andurand Capital. According to Victoria Boni, Pierre Anduran struck her with expensive gifts, and intelligence. Vick seriously evaluate their relationship even introduced boyfriend with the former civil husband and his family.
Виктория Боня познакомила нового бойфренда с экс-супругом и его семьей

Victoria Bonia called the Russian Cinderella is the star of the scandalous reality show “DOM-2” it took only three years to go from a provincial girl to a bride of a millionaire from Monaco. 38-year-old Vick met with Alex Servicom in 2010, and two years later gave birth to his daughter angelina-Leticia. Despite the fact that the novel pair was a fiasco, Bonya continues to maintain friendly relations with a former lover and his family. And, as it turned out, has recently even introduced them to her new boyfriend, billionaire Pierre Ancyranum.

As recognized by Victoria herself, the owner of the investment Fund Andurand Capital conquered it not with expensive gifts, and intelligence.

“I also met his family, and Pierre was introduced to Alex and his parents. I invited Anduran birthday Angelina in Monaco, and he did. And almost all the time was one, as no one knew, and I could not always be around, because we had occasion. Alex look at him a little skeptically responded, saying, why did you bring a stranger to a family event? Of course, I explained that he is no stranger to me. And by the end of the evening, Pierre himself went to Alexander to thank him for the invitation. I first tensed, and then watch: they communicate well! Alex’s mom told me that my new boyfriend is a very nice man,” shared Victoria Bonia.
Виктория Боня познакомила нового бойфренда с экс-супругом и его семьей

Anduran and Bon met at a friends birthday and was immediately interested in each other. Comparing the relationship with Pierre with their past, Victoria stresses that Alex was colder emotionally person. Presumably, this is due to its Scandinavian roots, as his dad is Irish and mom is Swedish.

“I finally found the warmth that I lacked. With Alex we rarely held hands. And with Pierre they are not rathmichael,” said Bonia.

Victoria lived for six years in a civil marriage with Alex Servicom, the son of an influential businessman. For the sake of the beloved star went to great lengths: gave up my career when she was extremely famous, left Russia in Monaco, decided to have a baby. Victoria has been closely guarded by his family.

“When we left, no one suspected that I was in position, at least this event is not reported in the press. I did everything in order to keep it a secret. The expectation of the child — the process is very personal, intimate… Not all think so. There are people who, by contrast, are willing to share any changes in your life. There is nothing wrong, as there is nothing wrong to hide the fact that you think it’s too intimate,” said star.

Many times well-wishers wrote in social networks that the relationship Bonnie and Alex is not going smoothly. However, the couple did not comment on the speculation. Victoria initially accepted this situation: living together, but not to register the marriage, although they talked about a possible wedding. Only after parting with the civil husband, the star admitted that they need to sign.

“I don’t know maybe not married, played a role in our breakup, but the fact that we initially did not want any official registration. Two years before the breakup were talking about marriage, even made a marriage contract. And if in fact we have had such a purpose, the wedding would take place. But I never tried. Here is my sister since the childhood wanted to marry. I have the same marriage has never been called the rapture, rather frightened,” shared Bonia.

Victoria reported breakup with Servicom Instagram, because I wanted to dot the “i” to avoid gossip. According to Bonnie, their relationship has simply run its course. Former civil wife parted without scandals, and the daughter did not feel that he has lost the attention of someone of the parents. Angelina spends a lot of time with my mom and dad.

“If today someone asks me if I want to return to Alex, I will answer “no.” And I’m sure he will say the same. Not because of pride. We just had a period when we were together. I worked, and it was important for me that he’d let me. Because up to Alex all the men demanded that I stayed at home. And for me it is unbearable! May they could to support me and to give ten times more than I could earn in my soul there was fear. After all, relationships can end, and I remember well what it feels like to have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. It’s important to me that I can be self-sufficient. Alex knew it”, said Victoria in an interview with “Caravan. A collection of stories.”

Now Bonya tries not to think about the future with Ancyranum. In recognition of the stars, only time will tell.