Ekaterina Volkova has fulfilled a cherished dream

Екатерина Волкова исполнила заветную мечту
Repairs in the house of the actress gave way to more pleasant for a star “Voronin” troubles.

Ekaterina Volkova with her spouse Andrey Karpov and her daughter Lisa

Dream Ekaterina Volkova has come true. The actress dreamed that I will be able to celebrate New year in their own home, which
over a prolonged repair. And so it happened. Now the star “Voronin” nice
pre trouble. Catherine now not complain to the team of installers, not
watching held work on nastilanie flooring or wall levelling,
and is engaged in the decoration of his country house to the main winter

“I do not believe that this year we will make these photos not in the Studio,
and in your living room! signed actress family last year
photo. — This year we will first celebrate the New year in a new home. It is
enriching experiences, of course. We ordered a large tree to the maximum
solemnly enter the New year! And, of course, the main problem is the decoration of this
the Christmas tree, the interior and the local area. I’m afraid I just can’t eat
on their own this volume. Advise if addressed and satisfied,
companies that do just Christmas decor and suppliers
beautiful Christmas decorations, garlands there any things like that.”

Recall repair two-story house, which
Andrey Karpov and Ekaterina Volkova turned into a three-story has been much delayed. Elevation
housing lasted three long years, but finally ended.