Scarlett Johansson prepares for engagement

Cкарлетт Йоханссон готовится к помолвке
Boyfriend actress gave her a surprise.

Cкарлетт Йоханссон готовится к помолвке

Scarlett Johansson


Colin Jost.


Actor and presenter Colin
Gostou, which from the beginning of this year meets up with Scarlett Johansson managed
to please his beloved, which yesterday marked 33 years. At her birthday he arranged for her
romantic dinner in one of the popular restaurants in the East Hamptons.

As told to visitors
restaurant, easily identified by Colin and Scarlett, they didn’t try to hide
their feelings for each other. Sitting at the table “tete-a tete”, they kept at
hands and gently smiled at each other. But when it came to dessert, the waiter brought
in the hall a small cake, decorated with candles — this is taken care of in advance
Colin. He congratulated her with birthday, singing the popular song. And Scarlett like
not prone to sentimentality, was clearly moved — in her eyes
were full of tears.

The last time Colin and
Scareltt finally stopped hiding your affair. In the days after the party
arranged for the participants of the show Saturday Night Live, among whom was the Now, Colin and his favorite, how did you manage to trace
the paparazzi went on a night walk in new York. From time to time they
stayed to exchange passionate kisses on the lips. Moreover, even
when My and his favorite discovered that they are removed, they have not changed their

Believe girlfriend
Scarlett, her relationship with Gostom clearly moving in the direction of engagement. Between
by the way, Colin has managed to introduce Johansson with his family, swosu it in
the town of Montauk( new York), home to the Pope
and Colin’s mum. However, expect that Scarlett will soon go down the aisle yet,
apparently not. First she just recently completed a difficult
the divorce process with her husband Romain Duracom, the father of her
the only daughter rose. And secondly, some time ago, Scarlett directly
hinted, that family life is not for her, as it is very difficult to maintain for a long time
“exclusively monogamous relationship”